8 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes That You Will Definitely Make You a Fan

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Watching the Super Bowl game at a party is fun, but let's be real—the bigger draw tends to be all the incredible food. And while most spreads are made up of fried, super salty, and perhaps greasy offerings, it doesn't have to be so. Some easy swaps can make your spread a bit better for you, if you're looking to go that route.

Whether you're into wings, artichoke dip, nachos, or all of the above, these healthy Super Bowl recipes belong on your must-make and must-try list. Just be prepared: Once your guests get a taste, they may never want to leave.

Whip up these healthy Super Bowl recipes for your party

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1. Cauliflower buffalo wings

If you love cauliflower gnocchi, then you're really going to love these crispy cauliflower wings that are smothered in delicious sauce.

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2. Sun-dried tomato and basil pinwheels

These healthy sun-dried tomato and basil pinwheels only take a few minutes to make, but they'll impress your entire party.

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3. Vegan kale artichoke dip

Get in your veggies with in this dairy-free artichoke dip that's made from cashews, almond milk, nutritional yeast, and plenty of greens.

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4. Black bean and brown rice sliders

Your guests will gobble up these little sliders that feature a black bean and brown rice patty and basil aioli topping.

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5. Vegan baked taquitos

These taquitos get their crispiness from baking, not frying. And there's no meat to be found: The plant-based "ground beef" is made from cauliflower, mushrooms, and other veggies.

Vegan recipe chicken wings
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6. Brussels sprouts wings

Cauliflower is cool and all, but you can also make mouth-watering wings with Brussels sprouts using a crispy breadcrumb coating.

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7. Butternut squash tots with spicy maple mustard

Bake up a batch of tots using vitamin-packed butternut squash. Paired with a three-ingredient spicy maple mustard, they're truly mouth-watering.

dairy-free nacho cheese sauce
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8. Vegan nacho cheese sauce

Making a vegan nacho cheese sauce is easier than ever when you have cashews on hand. Combine them with nutritional yeast, some veggies, hot sauce, and a twist of lime, and you're good to go.

You better add this vegan buffalo dip to your list, too:

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