How to Make a Healthier Version of This 3-Ingredient Whipped Coffee You’re Seeing *Everywhere*

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If you've been scrolling through Instagram or TikTok lately, you've probably noticed more than a few posts featuring a glass of fluffy whipped coffee. Since we've all become our own baristas while social distancing, you'll be happy to know that making a whipped coffee at home is easy and fun.

Also called Dalgona coffee, whipped coffee is a thick, frothy drink that originates in South Korea. Even though it looks like something straight from Starbucks, you only need three three ingredients to make it yourself: instant coffee, sugar, and milk. After mixing everything together for a few minutes, you'll wind up mixture the consistency of a light mousse. Spoon the whipped coffee into a glass of milk, and you've got a deliciously caffeinated morning treat.

Typical whipped coffee calls for version at home by swapping in a better-for-you sugar choice and some dairy-free milk. Bonus points if you misspell your name on your cup for the true barista experience.

Whipped coffee recipe

2 tablespoons instant coffee
2 tablespoons coconut sugar
2 tablespoons hot water
1 cup milk or alt-milk (whole, skim, oat, soy, almond, cashew, etc.)

1. Put the instant coffee in a bowl. Add two tablespoons hot water, and mix until the coffee is completely dissolved.
2. Stir in coconut sugar. Then using a hand mixer or whisk, beat the mixture until it's thick and frothy. This will take a few minutes.
3. Once it's ready, partially fill a glass with some ice cubes and your alt-milk of choice, leaving room for the coffee. Add any flavorings you want, like vanilla creamer. Then, scoop or pour the whipped coffee on top to finish off the drink.

These are the benefits of coffee, explained by a dietitian:

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