Ignite Your Muscles With This Juicy 20-Minute Yoga Flow

After a year spent moving from the bed to the desk to the couch, my bod is anything but fired up. It feels stuck in the "sluggish" position, like how I'd imagine a bear feels upon waking from a winter's hibernation—there isn't enough coffee in the world to wake it up. Instead, the heat has to be dialed up slowly using good old-fashioned movement, the kind that'd been mostly eradicated from my life during the pandemic, and like that which can be found in the latest episode of Good Moves.

Experts In This Article
  • Alicia Ferguson, certified yoga practitioner and creative wellness entrepreneur
  • Paris Alexandra, wellness artist, yoga and creative mindfulness facilitator

The new video features a heat-building yoga flow led by Paris Alexandra, co-founder of BK Yoga Club, and demoed by her biz partner Alicia Ferguson. The routine systematically wakes up each and every part of your body, from your toes to your nose (and maybe your brain, too). It includes fiery planks, chair poses, and even mountain climbers in addition to your standard warrior poses, reverse triangles, and other such customary yoga moves.

If you've never practiced with the BK Yoga girls, you're in for a treat. Instead of demoing each move with absolute perfection, they lean into their own wobbles. "It's all just a practice," says Alexandra as she loses her balance at one point in the video. This isn't just a good attitude to have modeled to you with respect to yoga but also more broadly in life. Practice may never make perfect—and that's okay! The point is just to get yourself on the mat.

And if you do, you'll be rewarded with 20 minutes of juicy flowing that will literally breathe new life into your pandemic-weary limbs. And because yoga is beneficial for mood, you'll feel mentally warmed up afterward, too. Press play to bring a little heat home now.

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