The Best Heated Socks That Keep Toes Warm All Day Long in Negative Temps

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We're getting close to that time of year when wearing heated socks will go from style accessory to style necessity to keep our toes warm. As the weather starts dip into cooler temperatures, the season of layering is right on the horizon (hello, jackets, winter hats, waterproof boots). Apart from providing your feet with comfort and warmth, wearing socks that add warmth can also be a way to temporarily improve blood circulation.

Best heated socks, at a glance:

This can especially be a huge benefit for people who regularly spend their time outdoors hiking, snowboarding or just exposed to the elements on a regular basis. The same also goes for anyone who constantly has cold feet. In finding the best of the best, it comes down to preference and fabric. For example, materials like merino wool are commonly used because of its ability to insulate and absorb odor-causing bacteria, something that may be a good fit for those whose feet easily sweat.

We understand that there are a ton of warming socks floating around the internet (some with rechargeable batteries and some with thermal insulation), so we've rounded up some on the most top-rated picks below for you to consider for your winter closet and beyond.

Best overall heated socks

Snow Deer heated socks
Best rechargeable battery: Snow Deer Heated Socks — $80.00

If you want socks that you can swiftly tuck into your rain boots, consider this pair from Snow Deer. Made of super cozy polyester, these socks are the perfect option to keep your lower half warm during outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and walking the dog. Each sock has a rechargeable battery that last up to seven hours and that heats up your foot quickly. As a bonus, the battery pockets are small and don’t make your foot look bulky.

Promising review: “I finally got to challenge these socks and they passed. I went on a 2 hour plus bike ride in 25F. I only had them on the low setting while wearing my mountain bike shoes and shoe covers and my toes never got cold.”


  • Material: Coolmax
  • Battery: Two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Heat settings: three, 2–7 hours of battery life; heating area covers whole forefoot and instep
  • Sizes: S-XL


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Lasts up to seven hours
  • Three heat settings


  • Some reviewers say you can feel the wires
Black Squid Rechargeable Heated Socks
Best battery life: Black Squid Rechargeable Heated Socks — $34.00

The Black Squid Heated Socks are another great pick for keeping your toes from freezing during the cold season, because they have a robust battery life, lasting 4–9 hours on a full charge. There are three heat different settings, and the battery is ergonomically shaped and has an indicator light to let you know how much warmth you have left.

Promising review: “Loved these, wore them on the coldest day of the year skiing and they did not disappoint, had to keep them on low because they worked so well. Great product .”


  • Material: Cotton/spandex blend
  • Battery: Two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Heat settings: three, 4–9 hours of battery life
  • Sizes: 5–14


  • Lasts up to nine hours
  • Three heat settings
  • Soft cotton fabric


  • Some reviewers say the toe area doesn’t heat up very much

Best heated socks for skiing

Smartwool ski socks
Best temperature regulating: Smartwool Performance Ski Sock — $29.00

*Price is per sock*

One thing that caught our attention about these socks is their material and ability to control excess moisture. The socks contain merino wool, which is a type of fabric that insulates heat and traps odors (as we previously stated). At the same time, your feet will stay nice and dry, thanks to the mesh detailing. As an added perk, the socks have cushioning along the shin and foot to help reduce impact on those areas.

Promising review: “I have always loved the smartwool ski socks. Cushion in the right places, nice and tall, comfortable for year round use.”


  • Material: Merino wool, nylon
  • Features: Cushioning, mesh paneling for breathability, performance-oriented fit
  • Sizes: S–L
  • Colors: Black, honey gold, twilight blue, seamless toe


  • Cushioned
  • Mesh ventilation
  • 63% merino wool


  • Some reviewers say the sock is tight around the calf
Pure Athleta ski socks
Best lightweight: Pure Athlete Ski Socks — $14.00

The great thing about these socks is that you don’t have to worry about them not fitting into your ski boots. In general, these socks are going to be much thinner and lightweight fit, which is great for mildly cooler days. That said, these socks are still considerably warm and can keep your feet from overheating, thanks to the blend of merino wool, polyester, and nylon fabrics.

Promising review: “I own many different brands and weights of ski socks and if the weather is cold, these are absolutely the best. As other reviewers have commented, they keep your feet warm in all but the coldest weather without chemical heaters. I have skied for several hours in sub-freezing weather without a problem. In fact, the only time my toes ever got cold was after several hours of skiing in temperatures close to 0 F.”


  • Material: Merino wool, nylon, spandex
  • Features: Moisture-wicking, seamless toe, shin paneling, no-slip cuff
  • Sizes: S/M and L/XL
  • Colors: 23 different colors


  • Nylon/merino wool blend
  • Lightweight
  • Seamless toe


  • Some reviewers say they are thin
Hylaea Ski Socks
Best multi-pack: Hylaea Store Merino Wool Ski Socks - 3 Pack — $21.00

In terms of getting the biggest bang for your buck, you may have hit the jackpot with these Hylaea socks. Yes, they keep your feet warm and have moisture-wicking properties that make ski-friendly, but they also have a bit of compression mixed into their design to ensure that the socks won’t slide down.

Promising review: “Best socks I have ever worn. Warm without being thick and bulky. They wash very well. I hung them to dry, then put them in dryer on low to fluff. Perfect! Great support with light compression, so comfortable to wear all day and my ankles are not the least bit swollen in the evening. I love these socks so much I bought a pair to wear each day.”


  • Material: Merino wool
  • Features: Moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, cushioned, achilles tendon support
  • Sizes: M–XL
  • Colors: 8 different colors


  • Merino wool
  • Padding in the shin area
  • Moisture-wicking and odor-resistant


  • Some reviewers say the compression is tight

Best warming socks

Busy Socks Winter Warm Thermal Socks
Best insulated: Busy Socks Winter Warm Thermal Socks — $13.00

If you’re expecting another season of painfully cold temperatures and extreme weather, these Busy Socks may be worth considering adding to your wardrobe. These socks help really give you the maximum amount of insulation, thanks to the thick and fuzzy lining. They also have an elastic cuff that hugs your calve so you don’t have to worry about readjusting your socks under the dozens of layers of clothes you piled on in the morning.

Promising review: “I’ve been looking for socks to wear around the house and in bed when it’s uber cold here. They’re usually too small, too tight, too thin, or cheaply made. These are PERFECT. Really heavy duty and well made. It’s like triple sock. They tops are really stretchy so they’re effortless to slide on and they don’t bind. And they look GREAT. Very happy.”


  • Material: Acrylic, poltester, elastane
  • Features: Thick yarn, cushioning, fuzzy lining, reinforced toe
  • Colors: 5 different colors


  • Insulated
  • Thick cushioning
  • Seamless and reinforced toe


  • Some reviewers say they slide down
hot feet thermal socks
Best mid-length: Hot Feet Thermal Socks — $25.00

If you like to spend your time camping or wandering through nature of any kind, these socks should be on your radar to take on your next outdoor adventure. Made with soft acrylic fabric and designed to trap heat, these socks have an extra thick lining that prevent your feet from losing heat during harsh snowy and windy weather. They’re also moisture-wicking so your feet can stay dry.

Promising review: “These socks are very soft and comfortable. They are tall enough to go about half way up between your ankle and knee so they warm up your ankles and lower calves. I have chronically cold feet and these are simply awesome. They stay up but aren’t so tight they leave an indent around your leg. They actually made me warm enough I could shed an extra sweatshirt I was wearing. Ordering them again so I will always have a clean pair to wear when sitting or in bed. They are thick enough they may not fit in your athletic shoes or boot unless they are extra roomy. Great socks!”


  • Material: Acrylic, polyester, spandex
  • Features: Moisture-wicking, brushed inside lining, machine-washable
  • Sizes: One-size
  • Colors: 16 different colors


  • Thick
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable
  • Brushed inner lining


  • Some reviewers say they slide down
Best moisture-wicking: DG Hill Thermal Socks — $18.00

If you like your socks on the thick side, then that’s exactly what you’re going to get here. With over 15,000 ratings and over 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, theses socks are hands down a fan-favorite for their comfort and thickness. The magic comes from the thermal yarn and extra warm fleece at the cuff and lining.

Promising review: “I purchased these for my husband who works outside in the winter. Tonight my feet were cold and I couldn’t find my slippers, so I grabbed his socks. He had mentioned that he loved them BUT he didn’t tell me they were like wearing a warm fuzzy cloud! I’m stealing them from him now!”


  • Material: Acrylic blend
  • Features: Moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, cushioned, fleece lining
  • Sizes: M–L
  • Colors: 15 different colors


  • Windproof
  • Moisture-wicking and odor-resistant
  • Cushioned


  • Some reviewers say they are tight


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  1. House, C M et al. “Heated socks maintain toe temperature but not always skin blood flow as mean skin temperature falls.” Aviation, space, and environmental medicine vol. 74,8 (2003): 891-3.

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