Meet Hers, the Digital Service for Women That’s Like the Glossier of Pharmaceuticals

Photo: Hers
Taking proper care of yourself usually means dealing with high copays from multiple different doctor's visits—and pricey prescriptions—to get what you need to stay healthy. Not only is scheduling in appointments and tracking down your meds basically a full-time job, but it's also horrible for your bank account. That's about to change, though: A year after launching Hims—a digital service that gives men access to everything from hair-loss gummies to medication to combat erectile dysfunction—its sister site Hers is here to provide women with that same easy and affordable access.

Essentially the Glossier of pharmaceuticals, Hers—which has an impressive network of over 120 doctors—allows women to score big savings on both over-the-counter and prescription meds, all of which range from $15 to $75. (That's a whopping 80 percent off retail prices.) Right now, the offers are all in the realm of sexual wellness and beauty and that means you won't just be able to snag products that promote hair growth, help keep your skin at its healthiest, and bring on super-strong nails—you'll also be able to get the goods you'd usually have to hit up your docs in-person for.

"We're removing the barriers typically associated with medical-grade care." —Hilary Coles, brand lead of Hers

"The female market is massively saturated, and often thought to be 'solved' in terms of care. As we looked closer, it became very apparent that women had limited accessible options for prescription-based medicine. We've built a judgement-free, efficient diagnosis process that respects women's time and finances, while giving access to the most reliable, high-quality products," Hilary Coles, brand lead of Hers, tells me. "We're removing the barriers typically associated with medical-grade care, such as in-person doctor appointments, long pharmacy lines, and expensive copays because we believe women should be able to make worry-free, informed choices around their well-being."

Some of the available products really making waves are birth control from generic brands (like Tri-Lo Sprintec, Ortho-cyclen, and Norethindrone), acne treatments (the prescription strength retinol counterpoint tretinoin), and even Addyi, the first and only FDA-approved product for low sex drive in women. Instead of having to jump through very expensive hoops to get them, you can simply order them online with a streamlined process as easy as filling out a questionnaire. After a network doc approves it, you can get what you need sent to your home totally fuss-free.

Skipping the wait at the doctor's office and still getting what you need? The future of femtech is definitely looking brighter and brighter by the day.

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