Could This High-Tech Pad Make Your Period Cramps a Thing of the Past?

Photo: NannoCare
It's somewhat horrifying to think that even five years ago (or, you know, a few months ago), the mere mention of a period could set off a modern-day version of The Crucible, but the way we approach our periods has been getting smarterA number of brands have recently launched innovative new period products. And the latest of those is a brand that claims to have found a way to absorb your flow while helping to alleviate painful-as-a-heart-attack cramps.

According to NannoCare, 75 percent of the 244 women who tested its new organic cotton NannoPad over two months said the product was effective in its ouch-reducing efforts. In an email, a brand rep explained that the products use natural fibers broken into tiny particles that the company claims will ease cramps by emitting molecular vibrational energy that increases your blood circulation. As an added bonus, the brand also promises the high-tech pads help to decrease odor by getting rid of bacteria.

So while more testing needs to be done to confidently promote the efficacy of the NannoPad, the next time you feel like you need to pop a pill to reduce your menstrual cramps, consider the medication-free option as another tool in your arsenal. After all, ibuprofen has been shown to inhibit muscle growth and damage your intestinal wall.

In other period-related news, one company wants to make eco-friendly tampon applicators. And you can also try to alleviate your period pains by meditating.

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