Try These 14 Pairs of High-Waisted Undies for the Most Comfortable Hygge Season Ever

Photo: Instagram/@urbanoutfitters
There are a few great reasons everyone loves high-waisted leggings, but chief of among them is the garment's ability to combine exceptional comfort with exceptional fit. High waistlines are also popular in other fashion styles, like athleisure. And for these reasons, you should (re)consider high-waisted underwear. If you ask me, there's nothing better than on-trend undergarments, especially if wearing them will assist your winter snuggle-fest goals.

But first, let's address the (cotton) elephant in the room: High-waisted panties may conjure images of granny panties, but these chic wares are not the retro, ill-fitting stuff of nightmares—the new versions are actually aesthetically pleasing. And, I mean, they're good enough for Solange, so they're good enough for everyone else. Also, they can be the new third piece to your twin set: Letting the waistband peek out from under your pants is highly fashionable.

For me, a high-waisted brief is like the less cumbersome version of a soothing and comforting weighted blanket. Could anything be more hygge?

See 14 pairs of the chic high-waisted undies below.

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