How to Make Your Solo Spin Bike Sessions Way More Effective

Photo: Les Mills

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been introduced in yoga studios, barre classes, and even on ice.

Now, with its latest launch, national fitness brand Les Mills is applying it to indoor cycling, with a super intense class that leaves you breathless and drenched in sweat in less than 30 minutes.

"Les Mills Sprint provides all the benefits of HIIT—accelerated fat loss, increases in post-exercise metabolic rate, and improved aerobic conditioning—in a lower impact, less complex workout," says Les Mills international master trainer Sheldon McBee, touting its "reduced risk of injury compared to traditional body weight and resistance-based HIIT workouts."

Sprint is offered at more than 80 gyms across the country, including 25 Gold’s Gym locations and at TMPL in New York City.

But you can also apply the principles to your solo spin bike sessions anywhere, like on days when you're tempted to just get in your cardio by pedaling at the same leisurely pace for half an hour while watching New Girl. (We blame Zoe Deschanel.)

Here, the team behind Les Mills Sprint shares a simple 15-minute workout you can tote to the gym for a way more effective (and engaging) indoor cycling sesh.

HIIT spinning
Photo: Les Mills

Les Mills Sprint 15-minute workout

For a longer workout, repeat the interval sections before hitting the cool down.

Warm-up—3 minutes
1st min: Warm-up, light resistance, moderate pace
2nd min: Moderate load 15 seconds on and off the saddle for 2 sets
3rd min: Light resistance moderate pace

Speed Intervals—3 minutes
Moderate resistance, as fast as possible in saddle for 30 seconds
10 seconds rest
Repeat four times

Standing Sprint Intervals—3 minutes
Moderate resistance, as fast as possible out of saddle for 30 seconds
10 seconds rest
Repeat four times

Strength Intervals—3 minutes
Heavy resistance, as fast as possible for 45 seconds in saddle
10 seconds rest
Repeat three times

Cool Down—3 minutes
2 minutes light resistance, moderate pace
Stretch quads, hips, and hamstrings

Need more inspiration? Here's how to fight treadmill boredom, plus a five-minutes HIIT sesh you can do at home when crunched for time. 

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