7 HIIT Workouts At Home That Promote Longevity for Expert Exercisers and Beginners Alike

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Everyone from sports medicine docs, to fitness buffs to cardiologists are into high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, thanks to the fact that these types of workouts are accessible, quick, and pack a host of benefits into a short amount of time. HIIT workouts are intense, sure, but you don't need any special equipment to do them, which makes them easy to check off your list at home.

And what's more, there are stacks of science to back up the modality's benefits.  "[HIIT can] help with mood regulation, cognitive health, and boost your metabolism," says Bryna Carracino, certified trainer and founder of BFit New York. These types of workouts, while short, have also been shown to promote longevity and keep exercisers moving for the long-run. All of these benefits, plus the fact that HIIT requires a short amount of time means it's easy to squeeze into a jam-packed day.

Working out at home, while convenient, isn't always ideal if you don't have the right equipment. The good news is you don't need a gym or any special equipment to do HIIT. All you need is some space and an exercise mat for when you take things down to the floor. "Find a space in your home that's just made for your workouts. Even if it’s just your mat and a few loop bands you’ll start to create an energy there," says Carracino. "The more energy you create in that space the quicker your mind and body will tap into that athletic zone."

Carracino recommends doing HIIT workouts about two to three times a week, and giving yourself 24 hours in between each workout to recover. You don't have to take off working out completely though, just avoid doing back-to-back HIIT sessions. Carracino says strength training, low-impact cardio, restorative yoga or Pilates, and foam rolling are all fair game.

"As a beginner, you can still plan for two to three times a week of HIIT just make the movements more full-body, start slow, understand that it’s a process, and always stay patient with your growth," she says. Below are seven HIIT workouts for all levels that you can do at home that require zero equipment. Make some space, press play, and get ready to sweat.

7 HIIT workouts to try at home

1. 25-minute no-equipment HIIT + core workout

Let Charlee Atkins take you through a 25-minute workout that combines HIIT and core moves. You'll get your heart rate up and focus on your core all without any equipment. Don't forget to cue up your fave music or listen to the playlist at the link in the video description.

2. 15-minute bodyweight HIIT workout for all levels

Barry's Bootcamp instructors Amber and Lindsay take you through a 15-minute bodyweight HIIT workout in this video. If you're not feeling a high-impact workout, you can modify the moves to make them low impact. But just remember low impact does not mean low intensity.

3. 15-minute low-impact HIIT workout

Nike Trainer and Rumble instructor Ashley Wilking lead this 15-minute HIIT workout that's low impact and easy on your joints. Worried about your downstairs neighbors complaining about your workout? Another bonus with low-impact workouts is they don't make as much noise because they don't require jumping.

4. 10-minute full-body HIIT workout

Think you need 30 minutes or more to get a "real" workout? Let this 10 minute HIIT workout with Ashley Joi show you just how much of a difference even 10 minutes of HIIT can make.

5. 25-minute Barry's HIIT workout

This 25 minute Barry's Bootcamp style HIIT workout will make you feel like you're in the Red Room (minus the treadmills, weights, and hour-long time commitment). If you're a Barry's fan, you know this one will burn regardless of the lack of equipment.

6. 16-minute HIIT workout, low back-friendly

Low back pain is one thing that can make you wary of working out since you don't want to make things worse. Good news: This workout is safe for low back pain and you can make the workout low impact if you need, too.

7. 15-minute HIIT core workout

Light up your entire core and feel stronger with this 15-minute HIIT workout with Sashah Handal. All you need to do this workout is some space and a yoga mat.

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