PSA: The Nap Dress You Couldn’t Stop Buying in 2020 Is Now Wrinkle-Resistant and Has Longer Sleeves

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The brand that made "nap chic" a thing in 2020 is back with a new design we're going to be wearing all season long. Hill House Home recently dropped The Louisa ($150): It's got everything you loved about the original Ellie nap dress, plus a few new cozy features, like longer, flexible puffy sleeves, a dressier (and sturdier) crepe fabric that's wrinkle-resistant, and patterns straight out of our romance novel dreams. 

HIll house louisa dress
Hill House, The Crepe Louisa Nap Dress — $150.00

Available sizes: XXS-XXL

Made from wrinkle-resistant, crepe fabric, this Louisa dress is easy to wear and perfect for getting ready last minute. And naps. Lots of wrinkle-free fabric naps.

Hill house louisa nap dress cotton
Hill House, The Louisa Nap Dress — $150.00

Available sizes: XXS-XXL

This cotton Louisa Nap Dress features a ruffle midi skirt, elasticated smocking, and a scooped neckline. It’s also available in five color patterns, including a dark navy and black.

Part of the Hill House's new fall collection, The Louisa features the signature elasticated smocking at the waist, a ruffled midi skirt and the same whimsical spirit that made the original Ellie a household name. Aside from those longer sleeves, it's got fabric that's more sturdy and built for functionality. And naps. So many naps.

The dress has two variations—one is made with cotton, and the other is made with crepe, a new material introduced by Hill House that is made from recycled post-consumer plastics. Crepe is also naturally thicker, (so you don't need a slip), washer and dryer-friendly, and wrinkle-resistant, which means getting way more wears out of it, so you're not tempted to send it to dry-cleaning. And certainly less ironing (because who has time to iron clothes?). All in all, The Louisa is an even more fuss-free dress than we could ask.

But it's not the only piece in the brand's fall collection we're drooling over. Scroll the site and find several new styles and silhouettes that'll keep you toasty and stylish as you hibernate this winter. (When you're not hibernating in your nap dress, of course.) This includes new outerwear pieces, lightweight wool sweaters, cozy cardigans, and bodysuits. Scroll to round out your autumnal wardrobe with a romantic twist with some new Hill House pieces. 

Shop the rest of the Hill House Fall collection

hill house grandpa sweater
The Grandpa Sweater — $125.00

Available sizes: XS-XXL

The coastal grandma trend continues well into fall with this plush knit sweater. Made from 100 percent merino wool, this lightweight cardigan provides just enough warmth to withstand those chilly autumn nights. Wear it over your button-down or throw it over your dress to add a snuggly layer.

hill house The Sylvie Sweater Dress
The Sylvie Sweater Dress — $150.00

Available sizes: XXS-XXL

On days when the wind is tolerable and you can afford to show some skin, this Sylvie Sweater Dress is the perfect fall fit (you can pair it with some tights for those chillier temps.) The merino wool fabric is both light and moisture-wicking, making it comfortable to wear for those live in areas that are perpetually warm.

hill house sylvie sweater
The Sylvie Sweater — $135.00

Available sizes: XS-XXL

If you’re looking to beef up your basics collection, consider adding the Sylvie Sweater to your closet. Its long length provides plenty of coverage and makes it great to wear over a dress or a pair of jeans. The black is classic, but the sky blue is also *chef’s kiss.*

hill house quilt coat
The Quilt Coat — $150.00

Available sizes: XS-XXL

Made from quilted satin, this coat is the Goldilocks of jackets. It’s warm but not too heavy so you can wear it on days when it’s bright and breezy. The “swingy” and wide silhouette allows you to layer a turtleneck and other fall styles underneath.

hill house the duvet coat
The Duvet Coat — $195.00

Available sizes: XS-XL

It’s giving old Hollywood glamour with a side of house coat. Just like the Quilt Coat, this Duvet Coat comes with two side pockets and has jeweled entrusted buttons for added style. And thanks to the longer hemline, it makes the perfect cover-up for your little black dress.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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