5 Ways to Transform Your Home With a Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you're scanning some of the dreamiest rooms on Instagram right now, you might notice one common denominator: a Himalayan pink salt lamp glowing away, radiating good vibes

Fans like them for more than ambiance, though. "[They] release negative ions, which help clean the air of pollutants—even electronic pollution that's generated from [items like] phone chargers, laptops, alarm clocks, [and] televisions," says Laura Benko, author of The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit, Space"This unique attribute makes for a healthier environment where you inexplicably just feel better."

Plus, a salt lamp easily doubles as a decorative object that can add a unique touch to a lot of places in your home. "Anywhere you have a plug, you can put [one]," says interior designer Alex Fulton, who uses them in her own home in New Zealand.

Here are 5 cool spots to put a Himalayan pink salt lamp at home.

Photo: Instagram/@almostmakesperfect

1. Bedroom

"I have a large Himalayan [salt] lamp in my bedroom. This is a perfect place for [them] because the warm glow makes for a sensual and welcoming environment," says Benko.

Photo: Instagram/@saltsoftheearth

2. Living room

"For our family, it acts as a foil to positive ions produced by technology, such as TVs and cell phones, as well as adding to air quality," Fulton says.

Photo: Instagram/@ethnicity_soul

3. Reading nook

"It creates an ambient corner that we also know is doing some good for our environment," says Fulton.

Photo: Instagram/@littlebrickhome

4. Bathroom

"It'd be lovely to soak in a deep bubble bath with a lamp close by," suggests the interior designer.

Photo: Instagram/@yourpalmalx

5. Charging station

"We have a large lamp in the desk area of our open-plan kitchen and living place," explains Fulton. "It’s where the kids do homework, we pay bills, and also where a lot of devices are charged."

For other ways to elevate the vibes at home, consider installing some shower plants and adding a few crystals

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