This ‘Hip Hike’ Exercise From Harvard Heath Offers Protection Ahead of Your Next Run or Walk

Hustle culture is so very 2019. After having been put through the ringer over the last 12 months, I'm finding that these days, I'm all about doing whatever will reap the greatest benefits through the least amount of effort. Basically, I'm adopting the mentality of the rich, even though I'm poor. Which is a long-winded way of explaining why one super simple exercise caught my eye today: the hip hike. It's unbelievably easy, can be done absolutely anywhere with no equipment, and its benefits are actually significant.

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Harvard Health demostrates it nicely in this video, which is only 30 seconds long because the exercise is that easy—it's essentially just one level up from "Sit and Be Fit," which is definitely my vibe nowadays. (Forever mood: "Someone get me a chair.")

And though I jest about its appeal to the lazy, this exercise is actually great for those who might be motivated to do a little more than the least in terms of exercise, e.g. runners or even walkers. (I assume you can guess by now into which of those two categories I fall.) It strengthens your hip abductor muscles and helps to stabilize your pelvis. This, in turn, can work to prevent injuries to the knee and IT band while making it less likely you'll experience pain in your hip or back as a result of your run or walk.

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As such, it's a great addition to any warm-up, or is just something to do during brief standing breaks from your long days spent—let's be honest—seated at your computer still hustling, because most of us can't *actually* opt out of the grind. By adding this into your daily or weekly regimen, at least you won't grind down your hips in the process.

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