This Butt-Boosting Move Is Seriously Star-Powered (Just Ask Emma Stone, Ashley Graham, or Kate Upton)

Photo: Instagram/@christine_grubbs
A whole squad of stars—including Emma Stone, Ashley Graham, and Kate Upton—have a major secret for getting a killer booty workout, and it all comes down to one easy-to-master move: the hip thrust.

Sure, the tiny exercise might not seem like it does a whole lot, but just you wait—before long, your butt will start to burn. Trainer Ben Bruno told Self the exercise not only targets your glutes but also tones your hamstrings.

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Unlike glute bridges that are done on the floor, Bruno said hip thrusts are meant for an elevated surface, like a box or a bench: Simply lift your hips while pressing your heels into the floor, and after mastering the basic technique, you can make them as challenging as you'd like.

While Graham's go-to version involves a resistance band (as seen in her Instagram video above), Upton uses a heavy barbell and a resistance band (pictured below). Both moves result in an impressive burn that might well lead to a sore booty the next day. Stone is also a fan of the weights—part of her workout to prepare for Battle of the Sexes involved hip thrusting a whopping 300 pounds.

To try the hip thrust for yourself, start with the basic form, and then work your way up to more intense variations. These ladies are seriously strong, and by the looks of it, all their hard work is paying off in the booty department and beyond.

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