These Hoka Sneakers Are the Ultimate ‘Everyday Lifestyle’ Shoe—Here’s My Honest Review

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No, you're not seeing things—Hoka shoes are literally everywhere. Whether it's the Clifton 9 ($145) (my new favorite running shoe ) or the Anacapa Breeze ($155) (which we reviewed in our roundup of excellent hiking boots) it truly seems like everyone is rocking a pair of Hokas. While the brand is rooted in running, it's seemingly taken the hint from the countless folks who wear their cloud-like Hokas for everyday tasks, like walking the dog or biking to work. That's where the Hoka Transport ($150) comes in—it's a shoe designed for commuting and, you know, just generally living life on the go.

Experts In This Article
  • Dana Canuso, DPM, podiatric surgeon and founder of Dr. Canuso Skincare for Feet

According to Hoka, the Transport was “conceived at the intersection of style and performance.” True to the brand, it has a thicker mid- and outsole, which makes for excellent balance and energy return. That's true of other Hoka shoes, of course, but this model was specifically crafted to accommodate commuters and city folks like myself. Notable features include a toggle that makes it easy to slip on and off (instead of laces, although they do come with a pair of traditional laces you can swap in) and a neutral footbed for natural stability on all sorts of surfaces. There's also a slew of sustainable upgrades, too, including a sugarcane-infused midsole and Vibram Ecostep outsole that's made with recycled materials, natural pigments, and less oil.

To see just how versatile the Transport is, I put a pair to the test on walks, runs, hikes, weightlifting sessions, and even during my nannying duties. (If they can keep up with me chasing kids around, they're bound to be good, right?) Turns out, it's the all-around lifestyle shoe I didn't know I needed. Find my full Hoka Transport review, below.

teal hoka transports, part of our hoka transport review
Hoka, Women's Transport — $150.00

Sizes: 5-11
Colorways: 7
Weight: 9.1oz
Heel-to-toe drop: 5mm
Stack height: 24-29mm

Hoka Transport review: My honest take

First impressions

The first thing I noticed was the lace system, which, as mentioned above, had been replaced with a stretchy cord and toggle. While the corded design is helpful for folks who are biking or on their feet with no time to stop (we see you, nurses!) they're certainly not for everyone. Luckily, Hoka also provides a pair of traditional laces with your Transports, so if you don't love the cord design you can swap them out.

I also noticed that the soles were a lot less chunky than what Hoka is known for and that the grip on the outsole was similar to a trail shoe or hiking boot. (The Hoka Solimars are also a less chunky, great walking option.) Dana Canuso, DPM, a podiatrist, surgeon, and founder of Dr. Canuso Skincare for Feet, explains these changes are deliberate. "The Transport is more like an everyday lifestyle shoe, it's not really a sports shoe," she says. Because of the cord laces and toggle, Dr. Canuso says, the Transport actually "fits your foot shape easily, whether you’ve got a wider or thinner foot." This means it's especially great for issues like bunions or hammertoes, as it actually can accommodate them a bit more compared to traditional laces.

As far as the mid- and outsole? They're for better balance and stability. The original Hoka's have a much more severe rocker footbed that's particularly good for road and trail running—but not the Transport. "It's a little bit more traditional in the sense that it's not rocking you as much," Dr. Canuso says. “This is a very neutral shoe, and some of the things that make it less 'Hoka' also make it better for someone who might have an orthotic." In my non-expert opinion, the less bulky sole also makes the shoes more stylish.

My new favorite mode of (Transport)ation

The very first time I wore my Hoka Transport sneakers was at an outdoor market, and then to work as a nanny. They garnered many compliments on both occasions. Once on, I was able to walk more than 20,000 steps in a day in total comfort—my feet didn’t hurt one bit. I was also able to chase after little kids for 10 hours with similar results and welcomed their flexibility and midsole (which is made from 30 percent sugarcane and has a bit of bounce to it) while keeping up with the toddlers. Suffice to say, if I'm going to be on my feet all day, I'm doing it in the Transport.

The author's feet wearing Transports for a Hoka Transport Review
Photo: Author

They also make a stellar hiking companion. To test out their durability and ruggedness, I wore them on a steep and muddy hike and felt extremely secure the whole time thanks to the textured grip of the shoe. Going uphill was pretty easy thanks to the slight rocker bottom, and coming down, while scary, I only slipped a few times and was able to catch my balance again.

The only place I didn't love wearing them was in the gym. One morning, I corded them up and went for a run on the treadmill. While I could comfortably run up to two miles in the Hoka Transport, I only did so a couple of times for this review's sake. Similarly, the Transport doesn’t shine on the weight-room floor—Dr. Canuso recommends even flatter shoes for those types of workouts. On both occasions, I didn’t love the experience, but if they're the *only* option I had on a given day, I wouldn't complain too much about it—I've exercised in worse.

Hoka Transport styles

Currently, the Hoka Transport is available in a few different styles:

  • The Women's Transport ($150) is designed to accommodate US women's sizes 5-11, including half sizes.
  • The Women's Transport GTX ($175) takes the same women's design but adds a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane for moisture management. It's available in US women's sizes 5-11.
  • The Men's Transport ($150) is designed to accommodate US men's sizes 7-15, including half sizes.
  • The Men's Transport GTX ($175) takes the same men's design but adds the same Gore-Tex waterproof technology as the women's GTX model. It's available in US men's sizes 7-15.
  • The Transport X ($200) is an all-gender shoe designed to accommodate US men's 4-14 and women's 5-15. They come equipped with regular laces, as opposed to the corded design of the above models. We should note that the Transport X is more expensive not because it's designed for all genders, but because it includes more technical features for running, such as a carbon fiber plate and critical midsole foam.

How to change the Hoka Transport laces

As we mentioned earlier, the Hoka Transport comes with elastic corded laces. That means you won't need to worry about tying (and re-tying) your shoes throughout the day. But if the look isn't for you, fear not: Hoka throws in a pair of traditional shoe laces, too. That's the good news.

The less-good news is that getting the corded laces off will either require you to a) cut the cords (meaning there's no turning back) or b) get a little crafty with a screwdriver. We found a YouTube tutorial that shows how to remove similar laces without damaging them. It looks easy enough and, if it means you don't have to totally ruin the corded laces, is probably worth a try!

Final thoughts

Let’s start with the good, of which there is a lot: The Transport is super comfortable to walk in and I felt like I could wear it all day. It's also extremely stylish, which makes it the perfect lifestyle shoe. I can wear these pretty much anywhere I go and feel confident I'm rocking the game. And, if I'm ever in the mood to run and this is my only option, I know I can get at least a mile in. 

There isn't that much bad—I mean, this is Hoka we're talking about. True, the Transport isn't great for working out in, but that's not really what they're designed for, so I'll give 'em a pass. If I had to nitpick, I'd say the toggle is a bit hard to figure out. My learning: Don’t overcomplicate the cord. To tighten it, pull it toward the shoe. To loosen it, pull it away from the shoe. Simple as that. And again, this shoe now comes with traditional laces, so the cord really shouldn't be a deal-breaker.

Hoka Transport Review
Photo: Author

Can confirm: The Hoka Transport is the everyday lifestyle shoe you'll want to wear, well, every day. Dr. Canuso says that even if you want to sneak in a quick jog in or workout when you have to be on your feet the rest of the day, it's a great option in a pinch. "This might be a good introduction to Hoka if you want to start using rocker-bottom running shoes but don't want to go full-fledged into it," she says.

Affordable alternatives to the Hoka Transport

If you're on the hunt for a similar shoe but these aren't calling your name, check out a few of our other favorite walking and commuting shoes.

cloves classic sneaker
Clove, Clove Classic — $139.00

Available sizes: 5-12.5 (half sizes available)

Designed for healthcare workers, Clove sneakers can (and should!) be worn just about anywhere. Aside from being completely fluid- and slip-resistant, they’re endlessly comfortable and crafted to handle long hours on your feet. Best of all, they’re lace-free. Just like the Transport, Clove Classic sneakers sport a quick-zip toggle for kicking them on and off with ease.

Colors: 10+

Heel-to-toe drop: 10mm


  • Comfortable
  • Fluid-resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Laceless toggle


  • Pricey
white ryka no limit workout shoes for women
Ryka, Jumpstart Lace — $90.00

Available sizes: 5-11 (half sizes available)

Slipping into these Jumpstart Lace beauties is a breeze, thanks to the unique lace-up design that marries the convenience of slip-ons with the customizable fit of traditional laces. But the stars of the show are the anatomical insoles that cradle your feet, ensuring all-day comfort whether you’re on the go or kicking back.

Colors: 4

Heel-to-toe drop: 10 mm


  • Convenient lace-free system
  • Anatomical insoles
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomically designed for women’s feet


  • Only four colors
Skechers, Dynamight — $65.00

Available sizes: 5-11 (half sizes available)

Imagine sinking your feet into a memory foam cushioned insole that seems to say, “I’ve got you.” Each step becomes a delight, a soft and supportive hug for your tired feet, long after you slip them on. And slipping them on is super easy, thanks to the elastic lace system. So is washing them if they get dirty—each pair of Dynamighst is machine washable.

Colors: 2

Heel-to-toe drop: not specified


  • Elastic lace system
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Affordable
  • Machine washable


  • Only two colors available

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