How to Decorate for the Holidays Like a Plant Lady

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How do you reach peak plant-lady status? Well, making sure your holiday decor revolves around your love of greenery is definitely a solid sign. Sure, it's easy to put up a faux tree and call it a day—but adding a festive touch in the form of living plants will totally up your healthy celebratory game.

Whether you're into succulent wreaths, eucalyptus garlands, or floral Christmas trees, now is the time to unleash your (ever)green thumb. And the following plant fanatics definitely give the world a lot to live up to this season.

Here are 10 ways to decorate for the holidays like a plant lady.

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1. Evergreen and pine cone garland

Buy a basic line of garland then add your own personal touch with flashes of evergreen and pinecones, and you'll have a pretty decoration that brightens up any room.

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2. Rosemary wreath

You can use rosemary to get rid of under-eye puffiness...or, you can turn the fragrant herb into a stunning holiday wreath. (Or, you know, maybe a little of each.)

3. Seeded eucalyptus garland

All you need for an unforgettable holiday tablescape is some seeded eucalyptus garland—and some pretty gold plates, which are essentially healthy home #goals, to tie everything together.

4. Mini Christmas tree

There's nothing wrong with grabbing a Charlie Brown–style Christmas tree from the lot—especially if it's as cute as this one, which is perfect for tiny living spaces.

5. Olive branch wreath

Using a wire base, you can create a stunning olive branch wreath. Add a festive touch of color with some safari sunset flowers and red berries.

6. Gold pinecone garland

Have some gold paint and twine on hand? Give the pinecones in your backyard a gilded upgrade by turning them into a bright, mood-boosting holiday garland.

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7. Cactus Christmas tree

No tree? No problem. It turns out cacti work just as well when it comes to getting into the holiday spirit.

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8. Modern greenery wreath

Who says a wreath has to be totally green? This driftwood and copper version looks just as appropriate for the holidays.

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9. Floral Christmas tree

Obsessed with flowers? Take your love to the next level by decking your your Christmas tree in colorful blooms.

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10. Succulent wreath

Serious question: Is it even the holidays without a succulent wreath? You'll probably want to keep this one on display all year long.

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