3 Ways To Make the Holidays Feel (Gasp!) Fun, Because It’s Been a Year

Evidence you might not be feeling the holiday spirit this season: You're still mentally in March (what is time nowadays anyway?), putting up a tree feels like a chore, and even Mariah Carey isn't hitting the same as she usually does this time of year.

If that sounds like you, we have great news: Holiday cheer is definitely not canceled, because there is still plenty of time to create happy memories—and dare we say, fun—during this season, even if the holiday looks a little different for you this year.

The trick? Focusing on the elements of the holidays that make you happiest, and using that as inspo to start new traditions.

So, if you usually look forward to December family time, organize a virtual gift exchange with your fam. If the excuse to wear sparkly outfits is your holiday highlight, consider this permission to dress up for every work Zoom meeting. If you dream of your aunt's chocolate pie all year, try whipping up your own holiday-inspired creation (these s'mores popcorn bars featuring super-versatile staples like SMARTFOOD SMART 50® popcorn will definitely do the trick).

No matter which route you choose, these new traditions will be the conversation starters of your holiday hangouts to come, and they'll be fun-loving proof that this can still be the most wonderful time of the year.

Keep reading for 3 creative ways to have some holiday fun this year—because we all could use more of that.

Snack, but make it seasonal

A typical holiday meal around the table consists of your family's most treasured recipes. So, why don't you start your own tradition by creating a homemade version of those giant tins of popcorn that are a staple of this time of year?

For some inspiration, grab a bag of SMARTFOOD SMART 50®—which comes in two delicious flavors, white cheddar and sea salt, and has only 50 calories per cup or less—and mix it up with your favorite sweet-and-salty ingredients. Or, follow this recipe for "reindeer pop," which combines popcorn, candy canes, peppermint bark, and other festive add-ins for a snack you can claim as your go-to potluck appetizer for future IRL group get-togethers.

Create DIY decorations

Whether you're hosting parties this year or not, making your space feel festive is one of the quickest ways to dial up your holiday-fun meter. But, you don't have to spend a ton of money to turn your home into a winter wonderland.

Find your nearest forest and scoop up foliage, pinecones, and pine branches to create DIY wreaths, or try your hand at making a popcorn garland (using SMARTFOOD SMART 50®, of course) to hang around your front door or drape around your bed. Snacking while stringing is encouraged.

Sub in a dance party for your workout

Have a favorite holiday fun jam? Turn that song on blast, and whip out your best moves to turn your sweat sesh into a private dance party. Because honestly, nothing will put a smile on your face quite like jumping around your house, working up endorphins to "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree."

Now all you have to do is pour yourself a mug of hot cocoa and snag the extra popcorn that didn't make it into your garland (as post-dance party refreshments, of course), and your holiday just got the seasonal sprinkle of fun it needed.

Top photo: LÉA JONES/Stocksy

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