I’m Going to a Million Holiday Parties—Here’s the One Thing I’m Wearing to All of Them

I love the holidays. Aside from my birthday (week), the period from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve is basically my personal brand. The fact that it's an entire month dedicated to spreading kindness, spending time with your favorite people, and wearing sparkly everything means it really is the most wonderful time of the year to me (as any of my co-workers can attest).

But as much as I enjoy the social elements of the season, one thing I am not a fan of is in-person shopping. Online shopping? Sure. I have a close relationship with my doorman because I get everything—from shampoo to healthy groceries—delivered to my apartment. Shopping in crowded stores? No thank you.

That's why I was so thrilled when I discovered the wardrobe treasure that is this versatile-yet-statement-making skirt from Target. I saw my whole holiday season unfolding before my eyes: Nearly a dozen different parties, multiple outfit changes, and blessedly only one stress-free shopping trip (online, of course). Here's how I made it work, Project Runway style.

Scroll down to see how I turned one skirt into three holiday party outfits (with lots more possibilities).

holiday party outfits

The office party

The dress code at the Well+Good office spans from business casual to athleisure (#blessed), so for our holiday shindig I wanted to pull together something that complemented the chill vibe, with a classed-up twist—because it is a party, after all.

I went for a winter whites look with my newly beloved accordion-pleated skirt, a cable-knit sweater (I could write a whole other story about how I've been living in this sweater for occasions ranging from lounging on the couch to sipping cocktails in a New York City lounge), and hot pink heels—because who says holiday party outfits have to mean all red everything?

holiday party outfits

The dinner party

When I first saw The Skirt IRL, it was on a woman walking down Fifth Avenue wrapped in an equally luxe-looking fluffy coat—so naturally I had to try to replicate the look for my fanciest party of the season: a dinner party with my girlfriends.

Popping a faux fur jacket (which TBH looks way more expensive than it is) over my ensemble and sliding into my trusty NYC-style black booties made me wonder if I'd inspire anyone's fashion choices on my walk to the restaurant. Am I a style icon now?

holiday party outfits

The family party

For my annual family celebration back home in Virginia, I planned something a little more traditionally festive, but still with a chic edge. I paired the silky skirt with a velvet red long sleeve (shoutout to $10 t-shirts that pass for designer quality) and a black belt bag.

The best part about The Skirt? It has an elastic waistband so it's comfortable enough for a full day of visiting with my relatives—lots of homemade desserts included. Happy (fashionable) holidays to me.

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Top photo: Stocksy/Lumina

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