Here’s How To Best Mitigate Holiday-Season Stress, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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For some people, the holiday season truly isn’t the most wonderful time of the year. Holiday stress is real, after all—and knowing how to mitigate it in a way that works for you is important (effective stress management can have a seriously positive effect on your body). How, though, you effectively find a state of calm may depend on your unique personality—or maybe even the stars. According to astrologer Alex Caiola, each of the zodiac signs handle holiday stress differently.

In order to best manage your holiday stress according to zodiac signs, Caiola says it’s important to consider where your specific sign has been all year. This can provide clues for how you're feeling, how you’re viewing and experiencing the world, and what energy you’re likely to bring to the holiday season.

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  • Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot card reader, and founder of High Priestess of Brooklyn

Below, find Caiola’s tips for reducing stress related to the holiday season based on your zodiac sign.

How the zodiac signs each manage holiday stress, according to an astrologer


Because Aries has been so focused on expansion this year, being around people during the holidays will feel normal for this fiery sign. With that in mind, Caiola suggests Aries “consider throwing a party or being the one to lead the gathering, especially because you can control who’s there.”

Since you’ll be in particularly high spirits if you're able to control the gathering, Aries, it’s possible that your loved ones will feed off that positive energy. Being there for them will be the cherry on top of your human-connection cake.


Because Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, has spent a lot of time in Taurus this year, the last several months might have been a bit volatile for Tauruses. In terms of the holidays, Caiola says listening rather than speaking would be a great way for this Earth sign to mitigate holiday stress.

“[The holiday season is] going to be a time when [Tauruses] are going to probably want to speak or argue more than normal,” says Caiola. “Uranus has been in their sign all year, and it's just adding to [this] unpredictability, so I advise to observe instead of argue.”


According to Caiola, air sign Gemini has gotten a chance to reassess and change their life philosophies this year. She adds that Gemini, who tends to be more curious and outspoken, has perhaps taken to disengaging with intention—and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, the holidays give Gemini the opportunity to apply that newfound skill in a way that may help mitigate stress.

“People will notice that you’re acting differently, calmer, more zen, and potentially follow suit,” she says. Keep that calm about you, Gemini, as it will undoubtedly help you be less stressed this holiday season.


Because this year has activated Cancer’s eighth house of death, sex, and transformation, Caiola says this water sign is likely to feel the effects of stress in their chest. For that reason, practicing introspection and doing breathwork in the bathroom can work wonders.

“It’s best to notice when your anxiety is peaking and do a good, old deep breath in the bathroom, when you’re feeling claustrophobic,” says Caiola.


“Partnerships, or lack thereof, could cause stress this holiday season” for Leo, says Caiola. To get ahead of that, Caiola suggests Leos consider why certain triggering questions or conversations may come up rather than running from them. And remember: Partnerships are a focus for Leos this year, so while they may be a source of stress, the issues that emerge are likely originating from a positive, well-meaning place.


Earth-sign Virgos may feel anxious about what they’ve accomplished (or perhaps not accomplished) this year, says Caiola. This energy can manifest externally as a need to share the list of things you’ve done when you reunite with loved ones for the holidays.

Though that’s not inherently negative, it can become problematic if it leads to a bad feeling surrounding the reality of not having done all you said you would since the last time you last saw this group of people. To this, Caiola says, “people are excited to see you, [Virgo], not your trophies. Just be honest about where you’re at.”


With Libra in its fifth house of pleasure, Caiola says this sign has been having a lot of fun this year. That said, the holidays may get a rise of FOMO from you, Libra. If you're going home, you may feel concerned about what your friends are doing instead of being in the present with your loved ones, or vice versa.

To ease these feelings, help you stay present, and reduce holiday stress in the process, Caiola suggests Libra create new traditions, whether with family or friends. Something as simple as changing scenery from the typical hosting venue to something different or eating at a different time could do the trick, adds Caiola.


Like Aries, Scorpio—known for being intense and intuitive—is unlikely to feel much stress as it relates to the holidays, says Caiola, adding that the fourth house of home and family has been activated for Scorpio much of this year. “Nothing makes [Scorpio] happier than being home for the holidays this year, so you’re likely feeling really blessed about your circumstances.”

That said, if you’re a Scorpio who doesn’t have strong family relations or is otherwise stressed about the holidays, Caiola suggests “dropping into a gratitude practice to shift things back into perspective.” Focus on asking yourself questions like, “how have things happened for a reason?” and always remember to think about the bigger picture.


Caiola predicts sibling tension for you, Sagittarius, especially if your way of seeing familial history doesn’t quite align with your sibling’s recollection. (Think: “I didn’t bully you when you were young. I was showing you tough love.”)

In order to keep the peace during holiday dinners, Caiola says Sagittarius suns should “try staying on the subjects that are neutral and that you all feel happy to talk about, instead of who dad loved the most.”

Introspect to decide on conversation topics you all enjoy discussing, be open others' perspectives, and stay vulnerable when you respond to their comments—even if you feel they’re not quite right.


Capricorn has had a year that’s led them to reflect on their values, so they’re another sign that is feeling optimistic, hopeful, and generous this holiday season. If you find that someone is trying to burst your bubble, Capricorn, “try asking them larger existential questions about life and what they want from it,” says Caiola, who adds that this is something solar Capricorns “understand really well right now.”

Being open to starting existential conversations can help you not only communicate your core values, but also enable you to help others, which will ultimately make you feel great about yourself.


Aquarius’s first house of identity has been activated this year, and that’s had them taking the lead on a number of projects in and out of work—which, in turn, might have them feeling depleted around the holidays.

“This year could have you feeling tight with resources as you’ve been full steam ahead with bigger projects and not thought deeply about gifting this year,” says Caiola. However, gift-giving has benefits for the giver, even at inexpensive or $0 price points. So, don’t feel pressured to spend your life savings on gifts this year.

If your wallet is feeling the pain of all the things you’ve been up to, Caiola says that it’s important to remember that time and crafted gifts are also valuable resources. “Do what feels available to you to open up your natural generosity,” she adds. Remember—gifts are more than material resources, and taking that notion to heart can help alleviate the burnout that Aquarians have likely been experiencing.


Pisces can be described as the psychic empaths of the zodiac as well as a “non-traditional [people] in a traditional world of holiday,” says Caiola. Considering that the 12th house of spirituality and sorrows has been activated for them, Pisces have been unapologetically themselves this year, and sticking with that will help them avoid stress. “Let your freak flag fly, but not at the expense of anyone’s comfort level,” Caiola caveats.

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