It’s Holiday Travel Season—Here Are the 8 Products You Need for a Stress-Free Journey

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I remember watching Home Alone for the first time as a kid, especially the airport scene illustrating the sheer and utter chaos that is holiday travel. And they really weren't kidding, were they?

As an adult who lived over a thousand miles from my parents for the past six years, I can confirm: They were, in fact, not kidding. And if you're already stressing about hopping on a plane during the busiest (and already most stressful) time of year, I feel you.

First things first, always do a head count to make sure you didn't leave anyone at home a la Home Alone (joking, but, you never know). Second, bring some things along that'll help simmer down the nerves and stress levels, so you can even use this plane time as a small self-care moment before the real holiday craziness kicks in. We know what you're thinking: I have to make another list?!

Absolutely not. You've already got your own packing list (and gift lists, snack lists, and holiday party lists) to worry about, so we rounded up eight products—which many of are on sale for this shopping season—that'll help create a stress-free (and even relaxing!) holiday travel journey.

And who knows, maybe with all this holiday self-care prep, traveling during this time might even become something you look forward to each year.

Shop Holiday Travel De-Stressing Necessities

Apple AirTags 2pk Bundle w/Keychains, Luggage Tag & Voucher — $80.00

Apple AirTags are *the* ideal stocking-stuffer gift, which automatically means you have to buy one for yourself this holiday season—especially if you’re jet-setting back home.

You just slip the trackable tag into your luggage, wallet, handbag, or anything else you might be prone to misplacing during your travels, and you get instant peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to stress about where in the world your luggage ended up while waiting at the carousel. You can just use the Find My app to keep track of all your belongings without worry. And, you might as well stock up on a few for all your various belongings, since it’s on sale until Nov. 30 for only $80 instead of the usual $150.

Baggallini 3-pack Compression Cubes — $35.00

Is there anything more stressful than having to pull things out of your suitcase at the baggage check desk because your bag is overweight? Make things a little easier on yourself if you do need to offload some weight with these compression cubes that allow you to fit way more stuff in a small space—and are also easy to toss in your carryon if needed.

19V69 ITALIA Vintage 3-Piece Expandable Retro Spinner Luggage Set — $304.00

Luggage that’s too heavy or doesn’t glide smoothly is an underrated frustration-inducing element of travel. Snag this set of three lightweight—and stylish—suitcases so you’re ready to roll (literally) through any airport or train station. If white luggage isn’t your thing (though it is scratch-resistant and super durable) check out this classic black set.

Badgley Mischka Anna Vegan Leather Tote Weekender Travel Bag — $80.00

Every frequent traveler knows the frustration of setting your smaller bag on top of your roller, only to have it spin around and slide off the back as soon as you hit a big bump while you’re walking. Avoid that all-too-familiar scenario with a spacious tote bag with a passthrough pocket so you can secure it to the handle of your suitcase. This one is on sale for $120 off right now, and it comes in white and black to coordinate with whichever luggage set you choose.

Tarte 3-pack Maracuja Juicy Lipstick — $25.00

These vegan lipsticks have been all over TikTok for their butter-like application and colors that really pop—plus, they’re super hydrating while also giving your lips a plumping effect. Swipe one on at the end of your journey, and you’ll look instantly refreshed, no matter how early you got up to catch that flight. The set would cost you over $70 separately, but is currently on sale for only $28, which means it’s time to start figuring out your favorite shade while you’re in the sky.

BEARPAW Lucille Water and Stain-Repellent Suede Mule — $60.00

These stylish and cozy look-alike Ugg mules are the perfect slip-on and go shoe that are so comfy, you’ll forget you even have them on during your voyage. That is, of course, until someone asks where you got your cute new shoes. And rather than drop over a hundred bucks on the ones you may have seen on your feed, these doppelgangers are on sale for $60, so you’ll have more in your budget to complete the rest of your holiday season attire.

Sunday Riley Auto Correct Eye Contour Cream Duo — $76.00

If your travel plans involve waking up at the crack of dawn, get ahead of those dark circles with this antioxidant-rich eye cream that leaves you with a hydrated, radiant glow, even if you are running on holiday spirit alone.

Apple iPad 10th Gen Bundle with Keyboard & Headphones — $620.00

You don’t want to rely on your plane to have a TV monitor on your seat. So, take your entertainment and relaxation into your own hands with this iPad bundle (it’s currently on sale for $230 off!) that comes with headphones, so you can throw on your favorite binge-worthy show and score some much-needed chill time before the mayhem of the holidays really start up.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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