Exclusive: Holly Rilinger Is Riding Into 2017 With Cyc Fitness

Photo: Abbey Drucker
Beloved cycling instructor Holly Rilinger is pedaling into 2017 on a brand-new bike.

A former Flywheel master trainer, Rilinger will be joining Cyc Fitness as the brand's creative director this February, Cyc revealed exclusively to Well+Good.

Rilinger has been teaching at Flywheel since 2010, the year its first studio opened, where she quickly became a star thanks to her smart training and motivational style. Her fans have always been intensely dedicated to her classes, from riding with her regularly to attending her boot camps and her newest meditation-meets-HIIT class, Lifted. Because of her popularity, Rilinger was tapped to be a cast member on Bravo's Workout New York in 2015 (and she's also a Nike master trainer).

"I couldn’t be more excited to embark on a new journey with Cyc Fitness and take on a leadership role that will give me the ability to elevate their method and create something magical while continuing to do what I do best, inspiring and coaching both on and off the bike," Rilinger says.

At Cyc, she'll be teaching around 10 classes a week but will spend a lot of her time in the head office. "She’s going to be involved in the hiring and training and development of instructors, and in overseeing and improving our method," says CEO Robert Jakobi, who joined the company in July of 2016 and has been overseeing changes and expansions since. "We have a vision to take this brand forward...and I felt that of anyone in the market, Holly was the best person to take this on."

"We have a vision to take this brand forward...and I felt that of anyone in the market, Holly was the best person to take this on."

Rilinger will be working closely with the creator of Cyc's method, Keoni Hudoba (who is also a major superstar on the cycling scene). Jakobi says one of the big goals he sees her taking on is widening Cyc's appeal beyond millennials, since the brand has typically appealed to students and 20somethings.

That mission is part of a bigger plan, of course. Despite the unfortunate loss of two locations recently due to DavidBartonGym going under in crazy, unexpected fashion (the Cyc studios were set up inside DBG locations), the company says Rilinger's hiring is one piece of the sweaty puzzle that will bring Cyc to more riders all over the country.

"Since I’ve been here, we’ve invested several million dollars to take the business forward," Jakobi says. "2017 is going to be a very big year for us." Whatever happens, Rilinger is definitely a major asset.

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