How to Make Your Home Decor As Cozy and Zen As a Yoga Studio

Photo: Heatwise

There's something about walking into a yoga studio that makes you immediately feel Zen, as if your body, mind, and soul take one collective deep breath in and say: "Ah."

In Brooklyn, Heatwise studio is not only the kind of place that makes you inhale the good vibes; it also makes you want to pack a suitcase and move in. The reception area's dreamy living room decor—complete with meditation chairs, a shag rug, and enough plants to qualify as a mini-botanical garden—is the kind of respite from the outside world that everyone could use in their homes.

"When you walk through the doors at Heatwise, you should feel like you've been transported and like you're in an oasis," says the studio's owner, Samantha Scupp. She teamed up with Homepolish designer Chloe Chudina, who mixed equal elements of comfort and style to create the cozy-chic atmosphere. Here, Chudina shares her tips on how to create a good-energy oasis in your own space for a hefty dose of at-home om.

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Photo: Julia Robbs for Homepolish

Go green

"Plants are definitely very therapeutic. The air quality is lot better when you incorporate them into a space," says Chudina. They also help to provide a calm environment by bringing the outdoors in, which can pay off big time, especially when you're in an urban environment that isn't typically surrounded by a ton of green space. To get started with your very own indoor jungle, try one of these (nearly) impossible to kill house plants.

Photo: Julia Robbs for Homepolish

Embrace the handmade

What better way to make a space feel homey than with items that were actually made in someone's home? The shelves in the Heatwise reception area are decorated with pottery by Scupp's mother-in-law (aren't they gorgeous?), but if you aren't lucky enough to be related to an artist, Chudina suggests scoping out some for-sale wares on Etsy.

Photo: Julia Robbs for Homepolish

Warm your lighting

Lighting and mood go hand-in-hand, so in order to get the Zenned-out vibes you're looking for, opt for warmer, incandescent bulbs over the usual fluorescent ones. Brass accents, like the ones on the geometric fixtures hanging from Heatwise's ceiling, help add an element of understated glam to the entire room, and it doesn't hurt that they make for really pretty Instagram backdrop.

Photo: Julia Robbs for Homepolish

Invest in furniture you want to sit on

Nothing quite says "yoga studio chic" like a meditation chair. Sure, they can be used for actual meditation, but they're also the perfect place to do some light stretching or to simply sit comfortably and just be. "It's about designing your space around comfort," says Chudina, who sees the meditation chairs as a perfect transitional point from the chaos of the outside world into the calm of the studio.

Locker room
Photo: Julia Robbs for Homepolish

Add some luxe details

If you're turning your home into a positive-energy palace, you may as well treat yourself to a few luxury items that will really make you smile. "We have these really high-tech toilet seats that have a bidet and a dryer, and those could be kind of silly and extraneous, but I think when you come across those small things it can make you smile and make your day," says Scupp. Whether it's a cashmere blanket or an over-the-top Toto toilet, think of at least some of your details as splurge-worthy.

Photo: Julia Robbs for Homepolish

Mix your textures

When it comes to cozying up a space, textures can make or break a room. After all, who wants to snuggle up on a stiff couch underneath an itchy blanket (answer: no one). Chudina suggests implementing a solid mix super-soft textures, like velvet and shag, to make it the sort of room that people want to spend their time in.

For even more at-home Om, try some of these super simple Feng Shui tips, then lay out your mat and practice your sun salutations in your own, private yoga studio-inspired paradise. 

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