Thinking About Redecorating? Here’s the Best Home Decor Style for Your Zodiac Sign

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Thanks to pandemic-era stay-at-home restrictions, a number of folks put on their interior-designer hats in March of last year—and have been reimagining their spaces ever since. In fact, a February survey of 2,000 people conducted by OnePoll and bedding brand Puffy found that 71 percent of respondents reported plans to redecorate in 2021, with aims to prioritize comfort, calm, and coziness. No matter the guiding goal for your specific home refresh, though, you’d be wise to draw inspiration from the home decor style most suited to your zodiac sign.

While you might consider the sign of the fourth house in your natal chart (which covers the arenas of home and family) to get keen insights into your take on all things domestic, referring to the qualities of your sun sign (or the sign you’d read for in a horoscope) can offer more broad-sweeping cosmic guidance, says Alex Caiola, an astrologer, psychic, and founder of the spiritual-wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn.

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  • Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot card reader, and founder of High Priestess of Brooklyn

To that end, read on for Caiola’s take on the best home decor style for each zodiac sign, as well as insights on the specific design preferences that tend to go along with it.

Here’s the home decor style most fitting for each sign of the zodiac, according to an astrologer:

Aries: Bold

Aries, you really can go big and go home. According to Caiola, you’ll enjoy having some sort of wow-factor in your space, whether it’s a statement piece of art that gets guests talking or a striking wallpaper-clad accent wall. “Aries wants their home to be energizing to their senses, more so than comforting,” says Caiola, which is all the more reason to redecorate in the first place: “Aries loves the freshness of something new,” she adds. As for a pop of color? You’ll vibe with reds, oranges, and yellows, thanks to your naturally fiery disposition.

Taurus: Rustic

Warmth and texture is important to you, sensual Taurus. This is where the soothing, natural tones of wood come into play, and why you tend to gravitate toward a rugged farmhouse aesthetic. Interspersing a few houseplants throughout your space will honor your Earth element and appreciation for natural beauty. But perhaps what’s most important to you is filling your home with soft, sumptuous fabrics that feel good to the touch, says Caiola. That means pillows, blankets, and throws galore.

Gemini: Eclectic

Your personality is a little bit of this and a little bit of that—and that degree of variety and versatility trickles into your decor style, too, Gemini. “You’ll enjoy creating mini vignettes within a room to encapsulate different styles, or utilizing different patterns or textures across different rooms in your home,” says Caiola. Statement pieces like a rich velvet sofa, a vintage side table, or a head-turning light fixture are great for anchoring the space, but your driving decorative force is maximalist and energetic.

Cancer: Coastal

Ever the nurturing water sign, Cancer loves a good beach house—and perhaps the most Cancer-y of Cancers will, in fact, choose to live near water. If you don’t, you might be tempted to bring soft coastal accents indoors. “Lots of whites and neutrals, along with things like driftwood and shiplap would be very fitting for a Cancer,” says Caiola. The idea here is to create a sanctuary that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the soul. “A Cancer likes to feel relaxed and at peace when they’re home,” adds Caiola, suggesting that natural light and an open-concept kitchen and living room will help create that calmness.

Leo: Glam

You bring panache to the party, and so will your home, Leo. Whether you skew more retro glamour or contemporary posh, you’re bound to be drawn toward glazed, glossy, or gold accents, says Caiola. But rather than going over the top, you prefer these details to be understated and thoughtfully placed for just the right amount of impact. “You’re also likely to splurge on one or two particularly special items, which will give you joy each time you see them in your space,” says Caiola.

Virgo: Minimalist

Precise, clean, and well-edited is the name of the game for you, Virgo. Whereas miscellaneous clutter could set you on edge, having a home for all your most essential things is satisfying and calming. “Virgos appreciate neutrals and timeless style, and enjoy an open, airy space,” says Caiola, referencing features like high ceilings with exposed beams and free-flowing layouts.

Libra: Romantic Traditional

Given your planetary ruler of Venus, you gravitate toward classic beauty, Libra. As such, you appreciate harmony and symmetry in the same way that traditional design tends to embody. (And you won’t miss anything by leaving ultra-mod, asymmetrical, or otherwise eccentric home-design elements out of your space.) In terms of colors, Libra appreciates softer palettes over sharp ones, says Caiola, adding that you’ll really vibe with adjustable lighting or dimmers that can ensure your space is never too harshly lit.

Scorpio: Industrial

You’re known for your moody intensity, which can translate into a space that’s sleek and chic. Think granite or marble countertops, stainless-steel accents, and statement light fixtures. When it comes to the light itself, Caiola says, you’ll prefer mood lighting over wide-open windows, “and if you do have big windows, you’ll probably vibe with a nice window treatment or cool curtains in terms of maintaining your privacy.” As with Cancer, your home is your sanctuary and whenever you’re there, you’ll want to revel in its beauty sans-distraction.

Sagittarius: Global vintage

Being the globetrotter and culture fan that you are, Sag, you’ll enjoy filling your home with pieces that carry history and meaning. “You’re adventurous, experiential, and carefree, so I imagine you’ll enjoy displaying art from all over the world or stocking a big bookshelf with all your favorite reads,” says Caiola. Also on those shelves, you’re bound to have at least one unique antique or artifact. The fiery element in you loves an interesting conversation piece, Caiola says.

Capricorn: Mid-Century Modern

Capricorn is the sophisticated traditionalist of the zodiac, making this popular home decor style—which blends clean lines with mixed materials—your best fit. Because of your Earth element, you’re also keen on deep walnut accents, and as mid-century modern furniture tends to do, you emphasize function over form. “Capricorn appreciates pieces that serve a specific purpose,” says Caiola. (Think well-stocked bar cart or storage-centric sideboard.) “And if you’re working from home, you’ll do best with a designated desk or a home office,” she says.

Aquarius: Futuristic

You tend to skew off the beaten path, Aquarius. And according to Caiola, you’ll vibe with an ultra-modern style that’s just as out there. “When I think of Aquarius, I think of interesting exposed ductwork or concrete beams, or anything that directs your attention toward the ceiling,” Caiola says, referencing your cerebral, air-sign nature. You’ll also appreciate any new home tech or smart gadgets that can up the efficiency of your day-to-day.

Pisces: Scandinavian

Thought to be the most spiritual, mystical sign of the zodiac, Pisces’s best home decor style is one of equal calm and coolness. Scandinavian style is simple and clean, yet relaxing in a way that you’ll enjoy—particularly when it comes to the bedroom, which Caiola says will be an essential room of the house for you. “You’ll want that space to be very zen, and you could even enjoy a dedicated meditation corner or a window seat for collecting your thoughts,” she says, adding that she envisions for Pisces a mostly white and neutral palette, natural touches (say, a big fiddle-leaf fig in a sunny corner), and a nice sense of flow between rooms.

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