3 Ways To Create a Living Space That *Actually* Helps You Recharge

We’ve long heard the popular phrase: Home is where the heart is. But, what if home is also where your office, gym, and relaxation space are?

Then, you might need to work a tiny bit harder to create a home sanctuary that reflects and supports your inner self—the heart of you—rather than solely treating your home as a functional abode filled with the necessities.

The trick to curating a home setup that helps you connect with your inner self? Creating dedicated spaces for your various self-care practices, according to content creator Alexis Barber. “I’ve discovered that I feel best when each area of my home is created with self-care in mind,” she says.

This year, Barber is focusing on prioritizing her happiness, and she's leaning on wellness-boosting home essentials from Walmart to do it. For a behind-the-scenes look into her process, we asked her to dish on tips for curating the ultimate, relaxation-worthy home—just in time for you to give your space a restorative revamp for the new year.

She focuses on three key areas—her work-from-home space, her unwinding space, and her workout space—and shares some seriously useful tips on how to infuse them with feel-good vibes. To score her tips? You'll have to watch the video for that.

Watch the video above for tips on creating a home sanctuary, and shop the Walmart essentials that can help below.

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