I’m a Trainer, and This Is How I’m Staying Fit at Home Without Any Equipment

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This 20-minute workout fires up your entire body.
When you're working out at the gym, you have so many pieces of equipment at your disposal. Treadmills for cardio, barbells for weightlifting—you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Knowing what to do when working out at home, with nothing but your trusty yoga mat, feels like a challenge. But trust me, you can get in a great home workout with no equipment at all.

While having access to weights and other equipment is nice, it's not totally necessary. There are numerous different benefits to training with nothing but your own body weight. "Bodyweight training in linear movements maximizes bodyweight strength and body control, and helps make you strong and flexible while improving your coordination," says Phil Timmons, program manager at Blink Fitness.

The next time you need to move, look no further than this home workout with no equipment from Meg Takacs, a trainer at Performix House in New York City. During the 20-minute session, she'll take you through some HIIT exercises to get your heart rate up, moves that put your upper body strength to the test, and a handful of exercises that light your core on fire. All you need to do is press play.

Use these videos for a 20-minute home workout with no equipment

1. Start with a full-body HIIT session

Exercise line-up:

  1. Bounding jump into high knees
  2. Pulse lunges
  3. Hip extension jumps (or squat)
  4. Burpee into tuck jump
  5. Pulse lunge into curtsy lunge
  6. Single leg RDL jumps

2. Next, focus on your upper body

Exercise line-up:

  1. Pause push-ups
  2. Shoulder taps
  3. Glute Bridge with knee taps
  4. Plank up-down variation
  5. Plank pikes
  6. Isolated downward dogs into a crunch

3. finish strong with your core

Exercise line-up:

  1. Hollow rocks
  2. Single-leg sit-ups
  3. Push-up into mountain climbers
  4. Low plank oblique crunches
  5. High-plank trunk rotations
  6. Side plank crunches

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