There’s an Astrological Reason to Break Out That Ugly Christmas Sweater This Week

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If you have a holiday party coming up, consider yourself supported by this week's Aquarius moon to be as weird and wonderful as you wanna be, says astrologer Jennifer Racioppi, who has a very "you be you" message for the next seven days. And Racioppi's sharing her best advice on making the most of the current cosmic conditions, AKA your fitness, food, and self-care habits—no matter what your sun sign is.

Monday, December 10

With the waxing crescent moon in Capricorn, a sign of brass-tacks commitment, the day begins on a strong upbeat tempo. Yes. Lead with joy, stay kind, and enjoy it. (You might even find yourself sharing some holiday cheer.)

With the majority of the planets traveling direct, finally, things move forward. Follow your desires.

After last week’s encouraging new moon in Sagittarius, and Mercury stationing direct, this year-end, mid-December Monday boasts some high-vibe mojo and tenacity. In other words, 2018 might’ve kept the best for last. With the majority of the planets traveling direct (only Uranus is retrograde) finally, things move forward. Follow your desires. The stars are, at last, aligned.

Tuesday, December 11

There are relatively clear astrological skies for this Aquarius moon Tuesday to potentially feel liberating. Maybe so much so, you want to experiment with not shaving, and flirting with the power of Big Bush Energy (or BBE as Well+Good's editors affectionately named the latest trend stemming from the body-inclusivity movement). With performative self-care becoming a thing of the past (another 2019 W+G trend), performative grooming can potentially fall by the wayside too—especially for those desiring a more natural relationship to their bodies. Adorn yourself as you most wish, not as you feel you have to. Want to go make-up free to the office? Try it out. Want to wear that ugly Christmas sweater to work? Go for it. Remember, freedom heals. Authenticity is beauty. You do you.

Wednesday, December 12

The Aquarius moon vibes continue today, amplifying your desire to experiment with both your style and ideas. Lean into your edge and trust yourself. With Mercury, the planet of communication, entering into Sagittarius today, the mood potentially lightens even more. Mercury joins the sun and Jupiter in the say-it-like-it-is, blunt-and-bold sign of the archer.

The Aquarius moon vibes continue today, amplifying your desire to experiment with both your style and ideas. Lean into your edge and trust yourself.

Roaring laughter and to-the-point conversations abound. However, when it comes to holiday parties, beware. A little alcohol and you may find yourself saying something you regret. Center yourself before waking into the holiday happy hour. If you do imbibe, drink mindfully and avoid gossip.

Thursday, December 13

The mood shifts today as the moon moves out of Aquarius and into sensitive Pisces. Meaning, meditation might be what the doctor ordered. Remember, concentrating on your breath, and gently centering yourself not only amplifies your focus but helps you to hear the voice of your intuition too. I know self-care can feel hard this time of year, but remember, even five minutes of mindful breathing has a significant impact on your well-being, studies show. Don’t underestimate the power of sleep either. If you struggle to fall asleep, (and stay asleep), consider adding a magnesium supplement to your evening ritual.

Friday, December 14

With the peak holiday season here, enjoy it. Even with the year-end stress and madness potentially throwing a curveball or two, take today in stride. It’s one of the last Fridays of the year, and holy moly, haven’t you worked hard enough in 2018? I mean, seriously! You did your absolute best to not only live a healthy life, but you’ve supported others too. Congratulate yourself for your hard work. Tune into gratitude and savor your progress. You are amazing. Own it. Acknowledging what has gone well for you this year is a part of a healthy mindset.

Saturday, December 15

Early this morning at 6:29 a.m. Eastern, the waxing quarter moon at 23 degrees of Pisces asks you to connect deeply with what it is you most want to conjure in your life. Pay close attention to your intention. After all, the ability to consciously create what you want in life stems from not only having a firm intention for what you most desire, but your ability to keep your focus on that goal. How can you stay committed to your soul desires this weekend? What can you do to prioritize yourself first (not last)? Take a me-first action in the morning. With four planets in Pisces, taking time to self-honor proves fruitful. Then, put your attention on the demands of the day. With parties to attend and gifts to buy, there’s no shortage of competition for your attention.

Sunday, December 16

Venus, the planet of love, which currently travels in the sign of Scorpio, makes a harmonious angle to Saturn in the sign of discipline, Capricorn. This clear-sky combination elevates the day.

Do what feels good. With the solstice and an auspicious full moon just around the corner, these good vibes will continue.

With the moon waxing gibbous in Aries too, the upbeat tempo of the week continues. Remember that emotional satisfaction is a part of health. Do what feels good. Enjoy the moment. And then prepare for next week. With the solstice and an auspicious full moon just around the corner, these good vibes will continue.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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