7 Cosmic Signs That You’re a True Cancer Baby

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The summer horoscopes are the luckiest of them all, since their birthday celebrations happen during a time of year when they can host their festivities outdoors. So if you're marking another turn around the sun sometime between June 21 and July 22, make the most of it! (PS If you throw a pool party, embrace the zodiac season with one Candice Swanepoel's new swimsuits.)

Whether you are a Cancer or you love one (Twitter's Astro Poets are huge fans), celebrate yourself and the water signs in your life by getting familiar with some of their more unique personality traits.

Here's your guide to the crabbiest sun sign in the zodiac. You know you're a Cancer if...

1. You're known as the mother hen in your friend group

You have maternal and naturing instincts—your friends know just how much they mean to you since you express yourself with boundless affection.

2. Having adequate alone time is beyond crucial

The sign of the crab definitely lives up to its name—you need to maintain your hard shell to protect all the gooey softie-ness inside. How? Downtime. You definitely need to recharge your batteries to be the social butterfly you're known as.

3. "Homebody" is a pretty apt description of your lifestyle

"Hygge year round" is how you like to refer to it. But regardless of what it's called, nothing sounds better to you than a night in.

4. Your favorite subjects have always been history and culture

When you do decide to venture out, you like to spend your time in museums and galleries or creating some art yourself.

5. You’ve been known to be just the tiniest bit sensitive

Constructive criticism is not your favorite thing. But constructive compliments? Those you enjoy.

6. You're somehow both a hoarder and super organized

So you hold onto every scrap of paper and photo you've ever come across, because everything has sentimental value to you. But you're still able to keep things tidy so no harm, no foul.

7. Your communication skills are unparalleled

Both a good listener and good source of advice, you're the entire package.

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