Forget Winter, Mercury Retrograde Is Coming—Here’s What to Do Ahead of Time

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Welcome to Cosmic Health, your day-by-day source of celestial advice with a wellness twist—and this week, we're prepping for another Mercury retrograde, which kicks off on December 3. Astrologer Jennifer Racioppi is here to offer guidance on weathering the celestial event, with advice on food, fitness, sleep, sex, and more. 

Monday, November 27

With the moon traveling in Pisces today, you may feel the need for a little extra sleep. If so, indulge it. Honoring your circadian rhythm (24-hour cycle) is one of the most important things to do for your health—especially this time of year. So rather than staying up late looking for Cyber Monday deals, take a nice bath or indulge an evening yin yoga practice instead. Keep a notepad next to your bed so you can record your dreams upon waking! Don’t remember your dreams? Don’t worry. Journaling upon waking is a powerful practice regardless if you remember your dreams or not, and astrologically aligned.

Tuesday, November 28

Today, Saturn, the planet that rules discipline and structure conjoins Mercury, who rules communication, contributing a serious tone to the day. With Mercury retrograde right around the corner (yes, Mercury stations retrograde on December 3 and turns direct on December 22), now’s the time to look at the pertinent details and logistics of your life. Is there anything that needs your attention? Take care of business, and make wise commitments. Decisions made today stick. Use this power to your advantage.

Wednesday, November 29

With the waxing gibbous moon traveling through energetic Aries, now’s the time to take charge of your fitness routine. Assuming your menstrual cycle allows for it, prioritize high-impact activity and be certain to break a sweat. When it comes to work, step into your leadership capacity and embrace your ability to plan strategically. Allow the waxing moon Aries vibes to inspire and uplift. Should anger or other dissonant emotions come up, take a step back and get clear on the message they offer you!

Thursday, November 30

With the moon moving into Taurus today, be mindful of overindulging in holiday snacks. Prioritize blood-sugar-balanced, low-glycemic meals instead and say no to the extra treat at the office. Craving some sugar-free indulgences? Try a luxurious self-massage with a high-quality lotion. Don’t forget the oxytocin-inducing benefits of orgasms, either!

Friday, December 1

Love- and beauty-oriented Venus moves out of sultry Scorpio into freedom-loving Sagittarius today, meaning you may suddenly feel the urge to deviate from your schedule to hit the open road. However, as the full moon and Mercury retrograde quickly approaches it’s important to not blow off your commitments. Discipline trumps freedom today. With Mars, the planet of action opposing change-making Uranus, things can become fiery quick. So stay in your lane, take care of you, and tend to the details.

Saturday, December 2

Luscious vibes abound today as Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good fortune trines spiritual Neptune. Tune into the subtle guidance of your intuition and see where it guides you. When it comes to yoga asana, prioritize poses that open your sixth chakra—or "third eye"—like inversions (if you're not having your period, that is) and child pose. Don’t practice yoga asana? No worries. You can still meditate. Engage a seated meditation, and keep your focus at the point between your brow. Keep a journal nearby so you can record any messages or insights that come through.

Sunday, December 3

Happy full moon in Gemini. This is not your average Sunday. Mercury stations retrograde today and Neptune, the planet of spirituality, squares the Sun and Moon, forming what astrologers call a T-square. Today may feel cranky so stay patient with yourself and others. Keep a journal handy and write as much as possible to source intrinsic clarity and direction. Get outside under the moonlight and connect to the divine feminine. Pay attention to what’s becoming illuminated in your life and get ready to shed that which no longer serves you. With Mercury retrograde here, now’s the time to really listen to your intuitive guidance. Keep a close eye on your inner guidance.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success.

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