Here’s What Your Go-to Snack Should Be, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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You might have already turned to your zodiac for insight into a stress relief technique that works best for your personality or the type of partner you're most likely to be compatible with. But your horoscope and food go together like...well, like Castor and Pollux. (Geminis, you got that one, right?) Just knowing your sun sign can help you figure out what snacks will make you truly feel fed—as in on a deep, spiritual level.

Everybody knows that reaching for a handful of nuts is healthier than a candy bar, but let's be real here: If your snack choice doesn't satisfy you emotionally as well as physically, you're going to be rummaging through your pantry again before your next legit meal. That's where the newly released Your Astrological Cookbook by Catherine Urban comes in. Each astrological sign has a dedicated chapter and over a dozen recipes spanning breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks. Keep reading to get an (ahem) taste of her new cookbook, with tips from the book on the types of foods that work best for each sign when it comes to finding something to nosh on between meals.



Scroll down to see what to keep in mind when whipping up a snack, based on your zodiac sign.

aries snack
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As Urban points out in her book, Aries are adventurous in nature. A run-of-the-mill granola bar likely isn't going to be all that enjoyable for you. She also points out that as a fire sign, Aries need foods that are going to provide enough energy to match your long-lasting endurance.

With these two traits in mind, choose snacks that are both high in protein and also a bit unexpected. A honeydew smoothie instead of a berry-and-spinach one, spicy chickpeas coated with cumin, or sliced sweet potato topped with chai nut butter will all nourish your body and soul.

taurus snack
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"Sensual Taurus swoon from the luxurious experiences of the five senses," Urban writes. This means that as a Taurus, not only do you want your snack to smell and taste good, but presentation matters, too. If you're buying something to eat on-the-go, cute packaging is definitely appreciated. If you're DIY-ing it, creamy Brie on watercress crackers, stuffed Medjool dates, and cult-favorite products like cinnamon roll energy bites will leave you satisfied.

gemini snack
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Like Aries, Urban writes that Gemini are adventurous eaters; you like foods that are a bit unusual. This sign is also of course symbolized by the twins. Snacks combining two flavor profiles that unexpectedly pair together well will keep your palate guessing. When your stomach starts rumbling, try veggies paired with a protein-rich avocado hummus or a bar that's both sweet and spicy, such as dark chocolate chili almond bars.


Urban points out that Cancer crabs are led by emotions, which in turn influences how they eat. She says they especially appreciate foods with a nostalgia element to them, so think about snack choices that bring warm and fuzzy memories as you peruse the grocery store aisles. Some options to try: a PB&J smoothie (a healthier take on the classic lunchbox special), adaptogenic apple pie energy bites (a tried-and-true dessert with a superfood twist), or better-for-you chocolate chip cookies.

leo snack
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Urban writes that Leos love to dazzle in the spotlight—which has surprising effects on your eating habits. While some may try to eat their snack as discretely as possible, you enjoy it when people wander over to you asking what magnificent treat you're feasting on. This is why you love healthy snacks that make a statement. Alt-yogurt topped with ruby-red raspberries, magenta-tinted oatmeal, and collagen beauty bars are all eye-catching bites that deliver on nutrition.

virgo snack
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Urban writes that Virgos are healthy eaters by nature. While some of your friends may be scared off by snacks that look "too" healthy, you're all about it. Plus, Virgos are thoughtful and analytical, so a snack with a clean ingredients list is a must; no sneaky sources of sugar are going to get by you! Some uber healthy snacks to make or add to your pantry: roasted seaweed snacks, homemade granola, or cauliflower crackers.

libra snack
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Urban points out that the Libra astrological sign is represented by a scale; Libras love balance, which includes mealtime. Something else Libras love: sweets. Satisfy both needs with snacks such as almond butter toast topped with cinnamon, protein bars with nuts and dark chocolate, or a post-workout smoothie made with beet juice, pomegranates, blueberries, and a touch of honey.

scorpio snack
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According to Urban, Scorpios are intense—including in the kitchen. Snacks with strong flavor profiles will be deeply satisfying to you, especially since spicy foods satisfy water signs. Sriracha sticky rice chips, dill pickle cashews, and wasabi peas will all be welcome additions to your snack stash.

sagittarius snack
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Urban writes that Sagittarius are thrill seekers—they love testing culinary limits. Not afraid to gamble, Sagittarius aren't one to order the same food at a restaurant time and time again. Avoid buying snacks in bulk because you'll get tired of it before you run out. Instead, go for fresh foods, such as underrated fruits like persimmons or apricots, mango salsa, or jackfruit jerky.

capricorn snack
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"Capricorns aim to impress with simple plates elevated with mastery," Urban writes. "No frills needed." You're the type of person who whips out a snack so genius-yet-simple that everyone around you thinks, "why didn't I think of that?" Some snacks to try: a hard boiled egg with creative spice blends, frozen dark chocolate-covered banana bites, or sweet potato toast.

aquarius snack
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Urban describes Aquarians as the "coolest nerds around." "The Aquarian kitchen is geeked out with gadgets, complete with an air fryer, ergonomic pineapple corer, and a sous vide," she writes. Use your souped up kitchen appliances to get creative in the snack department. Think: air fryer popcorn tofu, Instant Pot hummus, or homemade sous vide egg bites.

pisces snack
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"Pisces seek magic and one place they find it is the kitchen," Urban writes. When it comes to choosing a snack, let your fishy intuition guide you instead of mindlessly reaching for whatever is closest. And of course, as a sign symbolized by a fish, anything with notes from the sea is going to hit the spot. Fill your snack stash with healthy options that offer a variety of flavor profiles so that whatever type of craving hits, you're prepared. Some ideas: salmon jerky for something salty, birthday cake protein bites for something sweet, and homemade trail mix—with dark chocolate, of course—for a mix of both.

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