Get Ready for One of the Most Intense Full Moons of the Year

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At the end of this week, there is going to be a big day, astrologically: a full moon and a lunar eclipse, both of which are associated with sudden endings (and beginnings). And yes, this could bring some majorly disruptive change, astrologer Jennifer Racioppi says. Here's her day-by-day advice leading up to it, to keep you in tune with the cosmos.

Monday, January 14

The waxing quarter moon perfects early in the morning, at 1:45 a.m. Eastern, marking the halfway point between the recent solar eclipse in Capricorn and the upcoming total lunar blood moon eclipse in Leo. This quarter moon moment provides a critical check-in point. In less than a week the full moon lunar eclipse will rage the sky, so, tuning in now to what’s brewing in your subconscious remains non-negotiable. Eclipse season, the time of the year when the new and full moon are much more potent than usual, often acts like a broom—sweeping away what no longer serves you. While it can feel jarring—I know, I know—embracing this extremely to-the-point and productive energy proves fruitful. The Artist's Way author Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages exercise (where you journal, longhand, and complete three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing upon waking), helps you flesh out what’s percolating for you on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Sleep with a pen and paper beside your bed, and grab it first thing in the a.m.—certainly before your phone—to flesh out your early-morning thoughts.

Tuesday, January 15

The waxing moon moves through its exaltation in Taurus. With the moon in this Venus-ruled earth sign—making a positive and productive trine to Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and the sun—today offers the potential to get a lot done. At the same time, you might also feel slow, heavy, tired, and deeply craving chocolate, too.

Today offers the potential to get a lot done. At the same time, you might also feel slow, heavy, tired, and deeply craving chocolate, too.

With the new year barely two weeks old, and so much emphasis on putting your best foot forward, I know one moment you might feel totally on fire about your goals to reduce sugar and stick to clean eating, and then out of nowhere your body flips the script with irrational, non-sequential, must-have-chocolate-now (or fill in the blank with a craving du jour) biological demand. These out-of-the-blue, intense needs have the potential to hijack your day if you aren’t careful. So be forewarned: Cravings might feel strong today. Think proactively about how will you manage them in advance. Today is a day to carry healthy snacks in your bag. You, or someone you’ll be spending time with, may need them more than you might anticipate.

Wednesday, January 16

Today the sun at 26 degrees of Capricorn conjoins the south node of karma, which also travels at 26 degrees of Capricorn. The moon’s nodes show us where the orbit of the moon intersects the ecliptic, and esoterically, they represent the struggle between the call of our future destiny and the habitual ingrained patterns of our past. Given that sun conjoins the south node, the push-back to old habits has serious momentum.

Today might feel like trying to walk forward against gale force winds blowing in the opposite direction.

Couple this with the fact that the moon is waxing toward a massive total lunar blood moon eclipse in Leo (the last eclipse we’ll have in Leo for a very long time) and the sun is continuing to square Uranus, and today might feel like trying to walk as against gale-force winds blow in the opposite direction. So, what to do? Rather than force yourself to battle the winds blowing against you, acknowledge the different directions you feel pulled, and take a break. The grist for the mill today comes from being able to release that which you no longer need without forcing anything. Going slow is okay.

Thursday, January 17

While the sun has moved one degree of the south node, it continues to square Uranus, the planet of change. Revolutionary Uranus asks you to embrace your freedom. For the last eight years, it’s primarily traveled in Aries, and in March it moves into Taurus, a sign he’ll be in for almost the entire next decade. 2019, the last year of the decade, straddles the past and the future in exciting ways, serving as both a year of integration and a set-up for where we’ll go next.

Now’s the time to understand how you have revolutionized your life since Uranus first entered into Aries in 2010.

With Uranus active in its final degrees of Aries, and making a sharp angle to the sun, now’s the time to understand how you have revolutionized your life since Uranus first entered into Aries in 2010. The next seven weeks are the final weeks of change-making Uranus in get-it-started-Aries for 84 years. Taking time now to digest how you’ve changed supports you immensely in the long term. Warning: Today is not the day to push yourself hard in a kickboxing class, or over exert yourself in any way while working out. Do exercise, but don’t push yourself beyond your limits.

Friday, January 18

Astrologically speaking, today beckons respect. Uranus’ square to the sun comes full throttle, while simultaneously Mercury conjoins Pluto and Mars forms a perfect trine to Venus. Hold on tight. Today might feel like a wild ride. It’s safe to say Friday brings a few blind spots into focus while helping you get crystal clear about what you most need to commit to utilizing your power fully. Warning: Do not let the emotional intensity of the day push you to binge drink tonight. A wicked hangover will rob you of your ability to take advantage of the growth opportunity the weekend presents. No doubt, sugar cravings will feel intense—remember the microbiome is comprised of bacteria. These bacteria also have circadian rhythms, and while science hasn't confirmed this, it seems plausible that, just like humans' circadian rhythms, the bacteria that make up your microbiome could also be cosmically influenced. So, think in advance of what you’ll need to feel grounded. After all, you don't want the needs of the bacteria living inside of you deciding for you that it's a good idea to binge on sugar.

Saturday, January 19

The moon travels in Cancer today, calling you to come home to yourself, and possibly even to stay home all weekend. With winter temperatures bringing frigid conditions, take some time today to get comfortable and cozy—it’s the season for hygge after all. Are you not feeling like your home is cozy? Put the angsty astrological energy to good use and take the lead from best-selling author and now Netflix star Marie Kondo, and declutter your home. Don’t know what I am talking about? Check out the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or watch an episode or two of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. With the intense week now giving way to some unstructured free time, you might want to invest an hour or two making sure your home sparks joy. Are you already living in a high-vibe abode? Wonderful. Bust out your sage or your essential oils and imbue your atmosphere with a bit more love. Tomorrow night’s full moon charges forward. Prepare for it now.

Sunday, January 20

Drum roll please...tonight’s full moon is one of the most intense full moons of the year: a total lunar super blood moon eclipse at zero degrees of Leo, to be exact. But before we go there, let's discuss the sun, which exits Capricorn today and enters into Aquarius today too. The sun's shift from rule-abiding, ambition-driven, hardworking Capricorn into freedom seeking, progressive Aquarius means that we commence a new chapter in 2019. Yes. Now’s the time to ask yourself this: If I was 5 percent more authentic and in integrity with myself, what would I do differently? Then get ready.

In addition to bringing lessons learned during the previous two years full circle, this eclipse also wraps up a 19-year journey, marking a significant turning point.

While the full moon won’t perfect until 12:15 a.m. Eastern on January 21, this full moon total lunar eclipse brings a massive crescendo tonight. Since Uranus (the planet of change and ruler of Aquarius) squares the node of fate and this eclipse, we can expect the events surrounding this eclipse to feel like they are igniting the deepest essence of authenticity within. Since February of 2017, we’ve experienced eclipses in the sign of the Lion, and this is the last one of the lot. In addition to bringing lessons learned during the previous two years full circle, this eclipse also wraps up a 19-year journey, marking a significant turning point. Even though this is a north node eclipse, meaning it brings us closer to our destiny, it also connotes endings as well. (To understand how this impacts you on an individual level, I recommend scheduling a reading with a credible astrologer.) With Mars in Aries squaring Saturn in Capricorn, too, it’s time to pay homage to the lessons learned. Stay humble. Honor your mistakes, and your growth freedom hangs in the balance. And breathe. You've got this. Prioritize sobriety this weekend. Take time alone. Stay conscious. Onward.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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