This Week’s Full Moon Is Connected to Intentions Set All the Way Back in March 2017

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Rockstar astrologer Jennifer Racioppi is here to explain why what you were wishing for 18 months ago could be relevant to your life today. And she's offering up her best advice on the fitness, food, and lifestyle choices to keep you in tune with the cosmos over the next seven days—no matter what your sun sign is.  

Monday, September 24

With the sun now in Libra, not only do we start the week with the first Monday of the fall season, but it’s also the full moon in Aries, occurring at 10:52 p.m. Eastern. Both Libra and Aries are cardinal signs, meaning they initiate seasons and therefore brings a massive dose of ass-kicking qualities. Notice if you feel any creative urges accompanying this full moon. If so, oblige them. Depending on how your menstrual cycle syncs with the moon’s cycle you could find yourself with a double whammy of energy—a full moon in Aries while you ovulate. Meaning, depending on how full moons impact you, you could find yourself up a wee bit later than you usually like, feeling supercharged.

This full moon brings intentions set at the new moon in Aries in 2017 (March 27, 2017) to fruition. What was going on in your life then?

If so, don’t fight your rhythm. Do your best to capitalize on this energy instead. Keep a pen and paper near your bedside so you can journal your thoughts. Set your altar up in advance so if you find yourself tossing and turning, you can meditate and pray instead. This full moon brings intentions set at the new moon in Aries in 2017 (March 27, 2017) to fruition. What was going on in your life then? Consider how you have grown since then. Where do you want to go from here? This autumnal full moon asks you to harvest your metaphorical crops. What’s ready for cultivation?

Tuesday, September 25

Full-moon hangover anyone? If so, take time this morning to find your center. With the moon traveling in cardinal fire sign Aries for the next two days, energy abounds. However, it’s an essential time to channel it appropriately. This becomes even more important with the sun in Libra making a harsh square to Saturn today. Saturn in Capricorn makes its presence known—meaning the planet that rules discipline, structure, and life purpose asks for respect. Today is not the day to give up on your soul-driven goals, blow off the rules, or avoid the tough stuff. Rather than wince away, the astrology of today asks you to dig in and do the work. Remember the shortcut is the work. Stay disciplined, focused, and on-point. Even if you didn’t get the best night of sleep, you’ve got this.

Wednesday, September 26

With the moon traveling in action-oriented Aries for one more full day, now’s the time to take your workout to the next level. Yes, full-on beast mode. Need support? Tune into some of your favorite fitness social media accounts like Erin Oprea, and get inspired. Remember what a privilege it is to be able-bodied and how good it feels to move. Do it for the joy.

Push yourself past your comfort zone. You’ve got this, you really do.

If you can’t make it to your workout today or lack the physical capacity to exercise, don’t forget the power of breathwork. Focusing on your breath can be both incredibly detoxifying as well as invigorating. Even chair yoga has stimulating and therapeutic advantages. Whatever your edge is, find it. Push yourself past your comfort zone and deepen your capacity. You’ve got this, you really do.

Thursday, September 27

With the sun now at 3 degrees of harmony-driven Libra in a perfect angle of support to Mars in Aquarius, yesterday’s go-big-or-go-home aspects carry over into today. Movement, at whatever level possible, continues to bode exceptionally well today. In the words of fitness expert Erin Stutland, “Movement in your body creates movement in your life.” So be sure to challenge yourself today. With the moon now waning in Taurus, and the intensity of Monday night’s full moon now decreasing, take some time and reflect. What did the recent full moon bring into your awareness? What did it teach you?

Friday, September 28

After an action-packed week, Friday comes with a delicious Taurus waning moon, asking you to prioritize things that make you feel both nurtured and grounded. Think luscious food, sensual self-care, and should the weather allow it, barefoot walks on grass. Venus-ruled Taurus asks you to settle into that which you most desire. So take things a bit slower today. While the beginning of the week might’ve shot you from a cannon, the week ends with a focus on embodiment. Go slow to go fast. Stay present. And allow yourself to enjoy the day.

Saturday, September 29

The moon shifts into mutable air sign, Gemini, at 9:25 a.m. Eastern, officially entering into the waning gibbous phase of its cycle—so harmonious vibes abound. With the moon in social Gemini and the sun in relationship-oriented Libra, you’ll likely feel called to gather with those you love this weekend. If you do feel the call to socialize, indulge it. Remember high-quality relationships add tremendous value to your health.

The universe rewards bravery, and real-life connection supports you way more than virtual. So make a point of connecting with humans offline.

With the sun journeying in the sign of balance, taking time for play goes a long way. Remember, we aren’t "humans doing" we are human beings. We need time for leisure, play, and love. Gathering with like minds supports you today. Feeling disconnected from a web of support that you enjoy being a part of? Consider going to a local meet-up group, taking a class at your local yoga studio, or striking up small talk with the locals at the coffee shop. The universe rewards bravery, and real-life connection supports you way more than virtual. So make a point of connecting with humans offline.

Sunday, September 30

The last day of September makes for a perfect self-care Sunday. With the moon continuing to wane gibbous in Gemini and Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn, there’s a high likelihood that you can get a lot done today. Consider starting the day with journaling. A Gemini moon, after all, emphasizes the ability to write. Get your thoughts and emotions out on paper. You may even want to make lists of to-do’s for the day or week ahead. Speaking of planning, consider prepping healthy meals in advance by batch cooking one or two healthy recipes so no matter how hectic the week ahead might be, you have one or two nutrient-dense vegetable dishes prepped and on hand. With fall vegetables in abundance right now, there’s no shortage of delicious options available. Looking for a more leisurely way to spend the day? Consider going to the local apple orchard, and harvest your own bushel of seasonal apples. Get out and enjoy the season!

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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