Yes, We’re Still in Mercury Retrograde—but This Week Has Major Make-Things-Happen Mojo As Well

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Tuck a crystal into your bra and bring your A-game, because it's on. That's right, even with Mercury in retrograde, this week offers potential to get things done—if you're in the right mindset, says astrologer Jennifer Racioppi. Here's her best advice on riding the high-vibe energy this week, no matter what your sun sign is.

Monday, November 26

The week kicks off on a promising note. With the sun aligned with good luck Jupiter we can expect the first day back from the holiday weekend to have a high vibe (which also brings the tenacity to stick with wellness goals). With retrograde Mercury forming a sharp angle to Mars, the cosmos compliment the abundance of Jupiter and the sun’s alignment with enough friction to keep us on our toes. So with that in mind, grab your running shoes and get to the gym. Feel short on time? No problem, do a 20-minute HIIT workout and then take 10 minutes to stretch out before leaving.

Tuesday, November 27

Yesterday’s high-performance energy carries over into today. With Jupiter still traveling close to the sun and meeting up directly today with Mercury too, the positive influence continues. This opulent potential might feel subtle, maybe even subdued. If so, it will likely require you to meet it halfway. (Especially since Mercury is retrograde!) So, bring your A-game to the day. Show up with a smile on your face. If affirmations are your thing, spend time in the morning reciting them. With Jupiter conjoining Mercury, rewiring patterns and thinking helps substantially. And if you feel a bit more risqué, put a crystal in your bra. After all, it can’t hurt. Consciously raise your vibe. You’ll likely be able to accomplish quite a bit, and making significant progress on your soul goals!

Wednesday, November 28

The waning moon in Leo invites you to play today. Not in a call-out-of-work-sick sort of way, though. To the contrary. Today asks you to bring your playful spirit straight into the board room (or wherever it is you work). With the sun in Sagittarius and the moon in Leo, the overall vibe of the day is passionate and upbeat. So, channel this into your professional duties. After work, be sure to get your workout in. It’s so easy this time of year to fall off the wagon when it comes to exercise. But why not take advantage of the gym when there are so few people there? (Before too long, your favorite classes will be packed with the January rush.) Enjoy the benefits of your practices that keep you happy and resilient.

Thursday, November 29

Today’s waning quarter moon in Virgo brings a massive shift to the week. Virgo, after all, commands attention to detail and focus. With the moon at the halfway point between the last full moon and upcoming new moon, take a moment and check in. What do you need to shift to feel most aligned with goals and desires? Venus, the planet of love and beauty, forms a hard angle to Chiron, the wounded healer, as it opposes Uranus. These aspects ask you to connect to more sacred beliefs and align with the principles that guide your life. Combine this with the waning quarter moon, and it's time let go of that which no longer serves you. In the most practical sense, clean up the clutter on your desk or in your car. Tidying up your space today serves as a symbolic metaphor for tidying up your life. In a more esoteric manner, these aspects ask to align with your personal values. Consider who you are on the deepest level, and what attributes you most strive to honor in your life.

Friday, November 30

Yesterday’s waning-moon-in-Virgo vibes carry over into today. Venus’ opposition to Uranus perfects tonight at 9:12 p.m. Eastern, too. Take time to get still and listen. Meditation, pranayama, and yoga provide incredible support to the mind and body today. With the sun setting so early, allow yourself to enjoy a quiet and restorative Friday night. You may even want to go to bed early. After all, the next couple of weeks will be packed full of parties and celebrations. Tap into the yin feelings of the night and rest.

Saturday, December 1

With the first day of the last month of the year here, get centered. With so few days remaining in 2018, what are your top priorities? What personal goals do you absolutely want to accomplish before the year's over? (Think very practically.) How do you wish to spend the remaining days of this year? The moon moves into relationship-oriented Libra at 9:58 a.m. Eastern indicating that you’ll likely want to spend your time with those you love today, so make plans. Feeling lonely and without someone to spend your time with? Choose activities you can do alone, but with other people, like a yoga class at a community-minded studio. Looking for something less fitness-oriented and more culturally driven? Get to a museum and check out some art. The moon in Libra might just amplify your desire for beauty.

Sunday, December 2

The sun in Sagittarius makes a sharp angle to Mars known as a square. And since Mars travels in Pisces very close to Neptune, these two planets blend their influences and amplify the harsh angle to the sun even more. Because of this, today may feel a wee bit groggy, possibly even cranky. Yet, don’t let it get the best of you. Remember, a sense of humor goes a very long way, especially while Mercury still travels retrograde. Seek out the comedic angle and allow yourself a good chuckle. To that end, you may even want to see a movie or watch a great Netflix series. On a more serious note, cultivating a mindful practice helps you tremendously too. Enjoy your self-care Sunday!

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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