This Week’s New Moon (Coming Just As Mercury Retrograde Ends) Has Seriously Potent Powers

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Get ready for a week with two big celestial events. Thursday, Mercury retrograde ends (holler), and Friday we've got a new moon with some extra mojo for illuminating truths, says astrologer Jennifer Racioppi. There's major potential in these cosmic conditions—here's her best advice on making the most of them with your fitness, food, and self-care habits, no matter what your sun sign is.

Monday, December 3

The week begins with the moon waning, indicating now’s the time to let go of what’s no longer needed, to reach for something new. On the heels of a weekend where Mars, the planet of action, made a harsh and hard angle to the sun, Monday beckons you to get grounded. With the holidays in full throttle, self-care remains paramount. But self-care doesn’t have to be either indulgent or time-consuming.  Prioritizing the basics like organizing your to-do list, desk, and/or home supports you to step into the week with strength. Speaking of force, how are you doing with your workouts and commitment to your body? Remember even a 20-minute walk has tremendous benefits, especially if it’s the only movement you can get in. Have time to do more? Go for it.

Tuesday, December 4

Mercury, the planet of communication (which is still retrograde), makes a sweet trine to healing Chiron early in the morning (or late last night—depending on your time zone). While this cosmic configuration might bring healing dreams, most subtly, it encourages you to participate in your healing. Allow yourself space to digest the inner turmoil you’ve struggled with, and start to see the solution.

Allow yourself space to digest the inner turmoil you’ve struggled with, and start to see the solution. The cosmic forces of the universe have your back.

This aspect of Mercury trining Chiron stays present all week and may help you step into a new level of strength. Allow yourself to visualize your life without the hardship that’s historically held you back. Then commit yourself, and consciously choose to step into your healing. Even if you have to fake it until you make it, conjure your destiny. Let your vision of health, success, and fulfillment be stronger than your fears, your past, and pain. You’ve got this, you do! (And, the cosmic forces of the universe have your back.)

Wednesday, December 5

With Mars, the planet of action, blending its forces with Neptune, the planet of dreams (both Mars and Neptune travel in Pisces) you might feel tired. Like, so tired. Couple this with the short days, long nights, and the fact that this Mars/Neptune conjunction squares the sun, it’s safe to say today could feel blurry. Instead of over-caffeinating and fighting your way through it, take time to meditate. Give yourself space. Then decide what your body needs: that 90-minute power yoga class to reinvigorate your chakras, or dinner and an early night in bed? No matter what you choose, steer clear of alcohol. These aspects will only intensify the adverse side effects of imbibing. Choose sparkling water with a twist instead. Your healing is ripe and ready this week, so don’t override it.

Thursday, December 6

Celebrate! Mercury, the planet of communication, stations direct today. Holler. Having traveled retrograde since November 16, today it ends its perceived backward motion (Mercury doesn’t actually go backward, it just looks like it does), ending the pesky retrograde cycle. Think about what you learned over the last three weeks. What did Mercury illuminate for you? What did you decide you no longer needed? What did you release, let go of, or recommit to? Allow yourself to process your growth. Remember, as Mercury stations direct, it does so in a perfect trine to healing Chiron, indicating that you sincerely heal something now that has long ailed you; especially if it stems from a mindset that holds you back. Allow your healing journey to unfold. Trust.

Friday, December 7

Early in the morning at 2:20 a.m. Eastern (or late last night for those on the West Coast and Hawaii) the sun and moon conjoined at 15 degrees of Sagittarius to create a new moon in the sign of the Archer. This new moon, which happens one day after Mercury concluded his final retrograde of 2018, and while Mars and Neptune join forces in Pisces, might elicit profound truth from within your soul. It's in truth-telling, say-it-like-it-is Sag after all. Trust what emerges. Mars and Neptune continue to square the sun (and now the moon, too), potentially amplifying exhaustion (and maybe even irritation also). Take time to rest, recover, and rejuvenate.

This new moon is in truth-telling, say-it-like-it-is Sagittarius: Trust what emerges. Take time to rest, recover, and rejuvenate.

Interestingly enough, at the time of this new moon, none of the primary planets travel in any of the air signs. Meaning, this new moon could feel a bit stifled. To remedy this, use essential oils like eucalyptus, take a refreshing walk outside, and focus on your breathing practices. Doing so will help you tap even more deeply into the fires of Sagittarius, and help remedy the pervasive exhaustion that could linger this new moon.

However, no matter what you do today, take time to nurture your dreams. This is the last new moon of 2018—make it count. If you need to jump-start your imagination, consider this thought: If everything went as well as it possibly could in my life over the next year, what would happen? Give yourself a solid 20 minutes to journal on this topic. Then ask yourself this; what’s standing in my way of this dream, and more importantly, what am I willing to do about it? Craft your intentions from a deeper understanding of what you most desire, and the best path forward, despite the obstacles you potentially face.

Saturday, December 8

Take time today to consciously, and intentionally, connect with your breath. Deep belly breaths, a focused pranayama practice, or a good ol’ run, might be exactly what the astrology gods ordered; after all, none of the planets are in air signs today. Then, with ample oxygen in your blood, and the new moon yesterday, take a moment to review the commitments you currently make to yourself. Do they feel aligned? If so, awesome. If not, make adjustments. Don’t let urgent, but unimportant tasks, overrule your day. It’s the weekend; perhaps you can devote an hour to your dream today. Carve out one hour to specifically work on your vision and goals.

Sunday, December 9

This entire week Mercury, which recently stationed direct, made an essential healing trine to Chiron. Chiron, which is an asteroid, helps us to move from pain to empowerment. Today Chiron stations direct from his retrograde journey, too, and makes another perfect trine to Mercury. Tune into this and decide how you wish to proceed. Use this moment to purify your mind and uplift your thoughts. In the words of Rumi, "The cure to pain is in the pain." As the cliché goes, you’ve had to feel it to heal it. But maybe now you are ready for transformation and the next chapter? Consider this: If this problem, drama, or challenge resolved, who would I be? Let self-care Sunday be the gateway to a new beginning.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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