Why This New Moon Is the Perfect Time to Embrace Your Inner Weirdo

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Each new moon is the chance to start over and set new intentions—or, hey, go crazy and invite your nearest and dearest over for a women's circle to make it more social. And this month, the cosmos supports serious "you do you" energy—it's all about being authentic, even eccentric, says astrologer Jennifer Racioppi

Monday, February 4

The new moon in Aquarius, the second new moon of 2019, perfects at 4:01 p.m. Eastern. New moons begin new chapters; and, actions taken when the luminaries (the sun and the moon) conjoin have both short-term and long-term implications. With this current new moon happening at 15 degrees of Aquarius, alongside Mercury, now’s the time to own your authenticity and eccentricity. Aquarius, a fixed air sign, encourages you to lead via originality. It asks you to decide for yourself what truths you wish to subscribe to, and let the rest go.

This new moon initiates new beginnings that stem from the deepest place within your heart.

Meanwhile, Saturn the planet of discipline, traveling very close to Pluto (for the next two years) takes no prisoners. Meaning, the cosmic dance not only commands you to honor your truth, no matter what, but it also doesn’t leave room for lack of compliance with the directives of your soul. Add to the mix that Mars, the planet of action, conjoins both Eris, which represents feminine discord, and Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, and it’s safe to say that this new moon initiates new beginnings that stem from the deepest place within your heart. Even though Aquarius can often lack emotional emphasis, I encourage you to tune into your emotions and lead from your heart. With Jupiter and Neptune in an ongoing square, the truth can feel elusive, but I urge you to trust yourself.

Tuesday, February 5

Happy Chinese New Year. With the Lunar New Year happening today, on the heels of yesterday’s Aquarius new moon, now’s the time to celebrate the Year of the yin Earth Pig. With 2019 already a little more than a month old, consider recommitting to your intentions again. Given Aquarius season finds itself in full throttle, I recognize that priorities have shifted. So, take time today to consider what has changed for you, and what you wish to continue to honor this year. As the moon begins to subtly wax crescent, now’s the time to emphasize your vision, your desires, your goals, and start to take action.

Wednesday, February 6

The moon, now in intuitive and emotional Pisces, guides you to experience your emotions today. Remember, the mind-body connection influences our well-being, substantially. As your yoga teacher might have said on more than one occasion “your issues are in your tissues.” What you experience on an emotional level, influences your physical reality. If you have noticed lately that you are experiencing physical symptoms like aches and pains in your body, consider the underlying emotional connection. More importantly, though, take time actually to feel your body, and consider what is happening in your body. Doing a body scan meditation can help significantly. Further, with the moon in a mutable water sign, prioritize taking a hot bath if you can. You can add one cup of magnesium-rich Epsom salt, three drops of your favorite essential oils, cue your favorite tunes, and relax in the tub for 20 minutes. As the water drains, see your stress going with it.

Thursday, February 7

Today brings with it an extraordinary emphasis on action. Mars, who rules action and travels very close to Uranus, makes a cardinal square to the nodes of fate, indicating that now’s the time to choose. Will you forge forward with the new exciting path ahead of you, or will your old habits and limiting beliefs prevail?

Today brings with it an extraordinary emphasis on action. Don’t let your connection to the past hold you back from forging the path ahead.

Meanwhile, to support you to move toward your highest good even when it doesn’t make sense or feels scary, the sun and Jupiter (Jupiter rules good luck) find themselves in a position of resource (a sextile). And, to sweeten the pot even more, Mercury, the planet of communication, makes a sextile to Mars, too. Don’t let your connection to the past hold you back from forging the path ahead. You’ve got this, you really do. Choose you. Choose your destiny. Choose growth.

Friday, February 8

The waxing moon moves into cardinal fire sign Aries today, emphasizing action, drive, and determination. Yes. Don’t start your weekend without a full-on sweaty workout. With the moon waxing through the sign of Aries, with Mercury in an ideal connection to Mars and Uranus, let your workout cleanse you. Release that which you no longer need. Access that exercise-induced serotonin high. Tap into your drive, determination, and resilience. Pump the music and shake the rest off. You are a star. Believe it!

Saturday, February 9

Relax, it’s the weekend. Finally. With the holidays no longer in the rear-view mirror and February in full effect, take time for yourself. Please. You need alone time. Time and space to process all that has happened (and will continue to happen) at warp speeds. Even if it’s 15-20 minutes walking around the block, alone time remains vital to your well-being. Modeling self-care impacts your community. So, in the spirit of Aquarius (the sign the sun and Mercury currently travel in), model well-being and sanity for those who look up to you. You are a leader, (whether you realize it or not), and taking care of yourself remains non-negotiable.

Sunday, February 10

Today Mercury leaves Aquarius, entering into intuitive and emotional Pisces, a sign it’ll stay in for longer than average due to its upcoming retrograde cycle. (Mercury travels retrograde from March 5–March 28. And will be in Pisces until April 17, 2019.) With Mercury moving in a mutable water sign for more than two months (at the time of the next full moon it will enter its retrograde shadow), it’s sincerely essential to follow all of the breadcrumbs that your intuition guides you to. Pay attention, like super close attention, to every last hunch. They all matter. There are no “throwaways.” That little voice whispering in the back-right corner of your brain—which is so easy to ignore because she’s sooo incredibly subtle with her faint voice—is the most important voice to listen to. Tune into her. See if you can get her radio signal to come in clearer. Hint: She gets louder the more you acknowledge her. Coax her to speak to you.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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