Your Energy Forecast for June: Hello, (Loving) Boundaries!

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Straight from the cosmic divinations of Alyson Charles (AKA RockStar Shaman), here's your energetic forecast for June. Consider it a metaphysical roadmap for the coming weeks, with everything you need to know for the month ahead—including the spirit animal Charles says you'll want to call forth to help you thrive over the next four weeks. 

Hello June, and welcome to a whole new world! We have been swimming through so many layers of our being this year. The more we continue to go deep within ourselves to allow great change to occur within our lives, the more we bring forth a new way for the planet and a new way for us as humans to connect with one another and all living things.

This month, it’s all about clearing house and growing more in love. Two primary aspects of these themes will be self-expression and boundaries. You will be given many opportunities this month to speak up, to speak your truth and communicate to others your thoughts and feelings. Welcome this magic! As you allow yourself to speak with an honesty that is embodied with love, it will greatly enhance your internal self-respect and self-honor.

Another way you will grow in honoring yourself is by setting clear boundaries. Before you agree to attend a gathering or say yes to a favor, take a moment. We are changing so much, so the way in which we are living needs to change sometimes, too. Taking a sacred pause to reflect on how you really feel before answering is not about becoming selfish or beginning to be a loner, it’s simply breaking some auto-pilot behaviors to allow yourself to become more conscious of your current needs. You are most likely not the same person today that you were even a month ago.

Energy predictions from a rockstar shaman
Photo: Well+Good Creative

June's spirit animal

The animal who will assist you in both expression and healthy boundaries is our dear badger!
It will assist you in both expression and healthy boundaries. Call upon the badger this month to help you to dig beneath the surface of things—in continuation with last month’s shifting of who is in your circle or tribe, let badger keep showing you who is truly a supporter and champion of you and who you can compassionately release from.

Badger will also greatly assist you in developing a powerful self-reliance, being very comfortable with yourself even as you evolve and knowing you can trust yourself to express your needs and desires, you can trust yourself to healthily take care of you, which in turn allows you to truly love and be present for all others.

As we continue to call in new and create our new paradigm (a truly novel and unique way of feeling, being and operating in your life) it’s time to begin to tell a new story about ourselves and our earthly experience as well!

Practice for June:

• Grab your journal and head to your altar (or a quiet, sacred spot)

• Bring an earth offering – examples: a flower is with you, light sage, vetiver or palo santo, burn a candle, bring a feather

• Speak out loud “with Divine guidance I call forth and activate my inner powers. My unique medicine within, make yourself more known to me, show me how I may work harmonized with you to live my New Paradigm. All aspects brought forth in love and expressed in love.”

• In your journal write at the top “My New Paradigm” and express, in present tense, new or deeper ways of being that you know are your soul’s truth!

• For example, if you are working on your book you may write “I feel the glory and joy in my heart as my book pours out of my soul and each day that I write it’s blessed with ease, flow and being of service to the planet! I am so incredibly connected to the blessings of writing this book!”

Additional support this month comes from Earth medicine: connect with roots (eating root vegetables and exploring your own family’s lineage more and especially letting yourself get to the root, root core reasons for any behaviors you know you need to shift in order to live in your New Paradigm), read about gnomes, work more closely with crystals and minerals and healing herbs (perhaps go mine, pick or dig for your own!), and release down into our dear, great Mother Gaia (Mother Earth) any old energies, feelings, behaviors, patterns that are DONE. Go outside and stomp them into the ground, shake your arms and hands and let the old energy fall into Earth and as you organically move through this process just see what comes up for release and as it’s entering into Earth say, “take these old energies Great Mother Earth and transmute them into love and light.”

Give yourself permission to be a new being this month! Come out of hiding! And while these continued great transitions may bring great waves – one main essence I want you to remember this month is - do not get worked up over things. You’ve experienced and grown enough at this point to stay centered and in your power, be witness to yourself handling scenarios today with a much more potent grace and essence of ease than you previously did. It’s time to give yourself permission to thrive!

Alyson Charles, AKA RockStar Shaman, channels ancient, sacred knowledge and divine energy through her work as a wellness guide to celebrities and CEOs. Charles merges her work as a conscious lifestyle expert, shaman, and international TV host with the world of media to share the most transformational products, practices, and tips and teach people how to awaken their power. 

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