Your July Energy Forecast: *Now* Is the Time to Put Dreams Into Action

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Here's your energetic forecast for July, straight from the cosmic divinations of Alyson Charles (AKA RockStar Shaman). Consider it your monthly metaphysical roadmap—including the spirit animals (there are a *lot* this month) that Charles says can help you thrive over the next four weeks. 

Can you believe you’re saying hello to the midway point of 2018? The changes and new embodiments you became aware of wanting to initiate months ago—where are you, exactly, with those shifts now? Are you allowing yourself to evolve and expand despite some discombobulation, fear, or panic that may be coming with your growth? Or are you clinging and gripping super tightly to the ways that you are familiar and comfortable with, even though you and your soul are calling for the change?

Being on the awakening path is not about harshly judging yourself. It’s simply about having loving conscious awareness! Let yourself see the truth of where things are, knowing that as you let yourself see truth through the eyes of compassion and love, you’ll still be there to love and pep-talk yourself, if within the conscious awareness you know you need to step up your game.

If you only take in one part of this month's forecast, let it be this—if your intuition is telling you something, listen!

Which brings me to the first theme of July: maturing. You may be presented opportunities this month where you can keep on doing the same or you can make a completely unexpected and higher vibrational decision. The other big component is listening to your gut. If you only take in one part of this forecast, let it be this—if your intuition is telling you something, listen! When you override knowledge from the more subtle planes, there tends to be a pretty potent and sometimes painful lesson that comes with it, to jar you into getting the message: “I should’ve listened to my gut! I knew it!” Everything is medicine, and all is here to serve you—but if you go with your gut this month, you just may have a bit of a smoother ride.

shaman energy forecast for this month
Photo: Well+Good Creative

A *lot* of spirit animals have shown up for July

As for the spirit animals who revealed to assist and empower us? There is a whole herd this month! In my year and a half of writing these energy forecasts I’ve never seen anything like it—I was visited by the swan, lightning bug, lizard, dragonfly and lady bug.

The swan asks you to keep stepping forth into your new life with surrender, trust, and accepting of where Great Spirit is guiding you. She asks if you’re finally willing to allow a state of grace and ease in your life. The lightning bug and lady bug both help you reconnect to the joy and lightheartedness you had as a kid and powerfully reminds you to remember what you truly love to do. Ask, “What lights me up?” and let your illumined heart lead the way. Begin to make decisions more from the perspective of “what does my heart want me to do,” rather than what will look good to others, or simply what you’re used to doing. July is about breaking patterns and stepping through the portal into newness! Lead from a place of joy, heart, and passion—and your life truly becomes joy, heart, and passion.

In my year and a half of writing these energy forecasts I’ve never seen anything like it—I was visited by the swan, lightning bug, lizard, dragonfly, and lady bug.

And the two totems who will empower this newness are the lizard and the dragonfly. The lizard brings forth a powerful medicine for dreamtime—you will definitely want to keep a journal next to your bed this month and write down any symbols, messages, any details about your dreams during the middle of the night or as soon as you wake up. They’ll reveal a lot of information that could have healing significance.

And our dear dragonfly breaks illusions, which is vital in identifying where you’ve become stuck or why you’ve restricted actions or ideas. Only from truth can you make the needed changes. Call upon the dragonfly for clarity and forward motion to guide you through the transformation. Last month you may have felt a little stuck, unmotivated, lethargic, or stymied. It is now time for you to let go of the past and move forward with confidence and utmost assuredness!

Overall, July can truly mark a big turning point in your life. You're at a place where—even if the direction of your life is surprising you—you can wrap both arms around it, make the concrete decision to have total trust and faith with it, and just leap! Take a big next step with that project you’d previously stalled on, express that message that’s been bottled up inside of you clamoring to get out. Make that decision that may startle or surprise some around you, but you know you must make it to walk from your heart.

As more and more of the ego disintegrates, the more we can connect with and remember what we really want to spend our time doing in life and begin mapping out and living an earthly existence fueled by internal passion, heart intelligence, and soul wisdom. That is what makes for a truly fulfilled life.

Alyson Charles, AKA RockStar Shaman, channels ancient, sacred knowledge and divine energy through her work as a wellness guide to celebrities and CEOs. Charles merges her work as a conscious lifestyle expert, shaman, and international TV host with the world of media to share the most transformational products, practices, and tips and teach people how to awaken their power. 

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