Your February Energy Forecast: Welcome to the Era of Warp-Speed Change

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For February, “RockStar Shaman” Alyson Charles sees a lot of transformation happening—fast. Here's what her cosmic divinations are showing for the month ahead, energetically speaking, as well as the extra-fierce spirit animal to support you all month.

Talk about a most powerful start to a new year. Have you ever entered into one quite like this? With this amount of expansive transformation, greater integration, and embodiment of who you truly are and your strength and power? Granted, some of this explosive expansiveness and strength may have come from unexpected occurrences that momentarily rocked you, but if you were able to stay consciously aware and in the light of any shadow reveal or lessons being presented for your growth, then you were able to alchemize—and turn any fear or pain into personal evolution, ascension, and enhanced love.

The rate in which we are able to do this most powerful work is now occurring at an astounding pace; similar scenarios before may have taken months or even years for us to see what was occurring and why. But now, we are able to rise, truly go a different way, and make these shifts in mere moments.

The rate in which we are able to do this most powerful work is now occurring at an astounding pace; similar scenarios before may have taken months or even years.

Why is this? In November’s forecast I talked about how “the true us—the version of us that was always within and after so much work is finally crystallizing—is like a hologram that is solidifying and finally coming to life here on Earth.” And it is through all the work we have done to open our hearts, to ignite that hologram (or internal light body), and really become who we incarnated to be that we have transformed ourselves so much on the inside.

As we are more light, we are able to be witness to the purpose of challenges, and the miracles stored within them, much faster. And as we align with the knowingness of our worth and “living our dharma like a mofo” (the theme for 2019), we don’t allow ourselves to aimlessly and needlessly wallow in suffering or self-deprecation like we used to, because we simply don’t have those old systems within us that fed on that pain-body energy—nor the time or space for it.

February is a month of leadership. But not necessarily leadership where it’s all about you guiding or teaching others—although through you being a living example of this new paradigm, others may naturally be led by your embodiment. Primarily it is of leading our own personal truths, standing up for what we want for our own life experiences, and the treatment, love, and relationships we are willing to allow.

One theme I want you to be very aware of this month is not shapeshifting your energy down for anyone.

One theme I want you to be very aware of this month is not shapeshifting your energy down for anyone. I repeat, do not allow your vibration lower for another—live firmly and with strength in your highest frequency. The times of taking on other people’s issues, trying to solve other people’s problems, being a scapegoat, and shrinking so others are more comfortable around you are long gone. You must begin to hold firmly to high energy and stay lifted no matter what. Those who can meet you there will, and they are the people meant to be in your life at the closest levels.

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February's (badass) spirit animal

February’s potency also carries over into divine femininity and masculinity. With thousands of years of patriarchy on this planet there were systems built within us and outside of us that caused deep separation, fear, and judgment—not allowing anyone, male or female, to easily be whole and balanced with masculine and feminine energies. The more we understand the pain and disconnect those systems, the less we fear those divine aspects, and as the fear dissolves, more compassion and understanding is born, allowing all of us to healthily walk in the true divine masculine and feminine traits.

Through this we have healthier, less aggressive, more caring, and connected relationships with one another. More sacred sensuality and sexuality, more intimacy from a place of consciousness, tenderness and divine union—and speaking up when these most sacred interactions aren’t of love, being safe, seen, appreciated, and honored.

The spirit animal here to greatly empower us in being this new kind of leader is the mountain lion. Speak up with your truth but do it with compassion and have it be heart-led (this is the only way the other person has a chance at really hearing you and taking in what you say). So, yes, the messages and examples of your leadership can be very bold, very powerful but trust that it can come from a heart-led strength.

Yelling or trying to get your message across when it comes from a place of being scared or trying to control outcome is of the old. Mountain lion will also assist you in having healthy boundaries—especially important as we rise in our light, dharma, and power. Setting clear boundaries for what behaviors and situations you allow into your personal experience is a vital key in you continuing to carve your most magnificent, brightest, and truest new way.

Alyson Charles, AKA RockStar Shaman, channels ancient, sacred knowledge and divine energy through her work as a wellness guide to celebrities and CEOs. Charles merges her work as a conscious lifestyle expert, shaman, and international TV host with the world of media to share the most transformational products, practices, and tips and teach people how to awaken their power. 

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