Your Energy Forecast for 2019: There’s a *Major* Paradigm Shift Ahead

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January's cosmic divinations from “RockStar Shaman” Alyson Charles set the stage for a new year—and what a year it promises to be. Here's her full report on what she sees for the month ahead, energetically speaking, as well as the spirit animals to support you in January and throughout 2019. 

And so it begins, dharma-fulfilling 2019! It's a year that has the potential to bring manifested lifelong visions and desires and foundational changes, while you are truly living your soul mission and purpose. As we come off a most-potent month of December—a fitting end to a year that held wild transformation, transmutation, healing, and release—we now enter into a time that holds within it energetic medicines that will provide experiences, feelings, and connections that our souls have most likely never experienced before, yet we are deeply ready for.

These experiences will take us to levels of love, soul fulfillment, and depth—as well as connection with ourselves, all aspects of the planet and other humans—that is more heart-led, uniquely inspiring, authentic, and more grounded than ever before.

So, what will take us there? Various elements of fire, including the magnificent power and medicine of the sun, revealed to me as a key ingredient in infusing the spiritual essences needed for us to be in our full power. The first element of fire we will explore is lava—the fire we’ve felt alchemizing inside of us and building over the past year, bringing inspiration and ideas, will now become more anchored and infused, allowing us to be in our dharma (or, cosmic order) and power.

There may be big foundational shifts and marked changes that will move you over to a new style of living that will fully support you sharing and spreading to the world what you came here to spread.

As the fire inside integrates more and more, there may be big foundational shifts and marked changes that will move you over to a new style of living that will fully support you sharing and spreading to the world what you came here to spread.

Additionally, with fire, came the sun, otherwise known as “Inti” in Inca spiritual traditions. The sun teaches us many potent lessons including that of highest-order love. Be open in 2019 to levels of loving and ways of feeling, experiencing, and understanding love that extend far beyond what you ever knew possible.

Keep open, keep expanding, and ask for Inti to teach you how to control and manage the fire of love. In doing so, you will acquire mastery over one of the greatest mysteries of our human experience and the key to your path of evolution.

And as we fully step into our dharma (motto for 2019 is “living my dharma like a mofo”) let yourself be in your full expression and free. Be guided by inspiration and the creative inner dance that wants to emanate out of your body and soul. Stop letting fears inhibit you. It’s time to really let your inner inspiration go out to the world even if you don’t fully understand its medicine. Trust in the wisdom and truth that lives within you and how it wants to communicate through you now.

Through the expansion of love, and through walking and embodying your true power and mission, you may almost feel nauseous at times. Similar to a dizzying effect from the winds and seas of deep change, it can challenge your inner skill sets, but this is a time to trust, trust, trust! Be all of you, feel the sun on your face: stretch, jump, and fly (you are ready). Spread love and be love.

As we fully step into our dharma (motto for 2019 is “living my dharma like a mofo”), let yourself be in your full expression and free.

Aspects that will additionally support you in being your full power in 2019: something called "source code energies." Source code energies can be understood by asking: Who are you and your soul resonating with? Most likely you have had new spiritual helpers and energetic guides enter in to your life.

Take a moment now to reflect and ask yourself who or what is revealing itself to you in this way as a guiding and supportive force? Perhaps it's anything from plant medicine to your own heart—or possibly an animal, an element of Earth, a piece of sacred geometry, or even an archangel or the Hindu goddess of knowledge, Saraswati. What is this opening up inside of you now? Go deeper with it, get to know it more, speak to it and let it know you are ready to understand why it is showing up to support you in 2019.  When you have this communication with your source code energies, have a journal next to you to write down any words, emotions, or visions that come to you.

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Your spirit animals for January—and the new year

As I was channeling this forecast, a massive convocation of high-flying eagles appeared, and they communicated the message of “uniting.” Take a moment now to do this important visualization exercise that will anchor you in 2019 empowering energies: Visualize yourself holding hands with other high-vibration guides, lightworkers, and love-filled beings. This massive unification of people holding hands is circling the entire outside of the planet, and from everyone’s heart centers you see us all sending love in, bathing the whole of Earth with glowing, green, healing , heart chakra energy. As we all begin to dance and move with that open heart, it allows the love to seep into the ground, allowing the planet to grow new beings, plants, ideas etc, that are made from this energetic space. See this energy becoming one with Earth and remember this 2019 mantra: Every act of love serves the planet.

Remember this 2019 mantra: Every act of love serves the planet.

And of course, our animal totems! Different animal friends came forth this month to celebrate and empower our new beginning. First the dolphin, with a message of our lives transforming into one of higher intelligence and truth and reclaiming our happiness. Next, there was a massive tiger with a huge, pink flower around its neck who met up with another tiger. They merged together as one, reminding us of the infinite power of devotion and walking the ancient path. In addition, the tiger will help you see into the realms of the extraordinary and awaken greater passion, inspiration, and adventures and assist you in overcoming fears and staying in your power.

And finally, the totem for all of 2019: the Sacred Buffalo. Key medicine for this year includes abundance, and knowing that abundance does not come from struggle but from connection to source and spirit. Sacred buffalo brings creativity, manifestation, giving for the greater good, and feminine courage. In order to be in full alignment with your soul’s mission, being deeply connected to both Father Sky and Mother Earth are key—the buffalo will assist in this connection as well as show you that to live like buffalo means to truly view all relations with honor and know them as sacred, and to express gratitude for all aspects of creation.

Overall, this year is one of truly beginning to see a new paradigm shift on the planet take shape and remembering that being a part of initiating those planetary changes always begins with initiating them inside of yourself first. Connect higher, anchor more firmly, deeply, and powerfully, and step forward in your unique alchemy with a greater confidence. Let yourself love bigger, expand into the farthest realms and feelings that you can—this is a time of you really beginning to see your astounding magnificence and infinite possibilities and feeling the support of source energy, Mother Earth, and the elements—with wisdom within you carrying you into levels of living that will blow your human mind.

Alyson Charles, AKA RockStar Shaman, channels ancient, sacred knowledge and divine energy through her work as a wellness guide to celebrities and CEOs. Charles merges her work as a conscious lifestyle expert, shaman, and international TV host with the world of media to share the most transformational products, practices, and tips and teach people how to awaken their power. 

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