All up in Your Feels This Week? Here’s the Astrological Reason to Pay Attention

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Here's your weekly celestial weather report from rockstar astrologer Jennifer Racioppi, with day-by-day predictions on the cosmic conditions affecting everyone—no matter what your sun sign is. Below is her best advice for making the most of this week's constellations, via your daily food, fitness, and self-care habits.

Monday, June 4

As the week kicks off, the waning gibbous moon in Aquarius forms a trine with the Gemini sun. The waning moon invites conscious reflection on what no longer works so you can let it go. What’s outdated in your life that you feel ready to release? With the moon and sun both in air signs, take time to journal and see what percolates. Beyond limiting beliefs and old habits, consider physical clutter, too. Let the waning moon support you to clean your home, office, car, even your purse. Get organized for new potential making its way to you.

Tuesday, June 5

Venus opposes powerhouse Pluto, illuminating both shadow and light. At the same time, Mercury conjoins the sun, forming a challenging angle to good luck Jupiter. This combination—of Venus in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn, with the sun and Mercury conjoined in an inconjunct (an angle that usually indicates a need to realign before forging ahead) to Jupiter—highlights deep thinking and intense feelings. Should profound feelings emerge, allow them to. Listen to them. Hear what the underlying message is. Keep a compassionate heart. Healing sessions go a long way today. Reach out for support if you need it!

Wednesday, June 6

Mercury, the planet of communication, makes a sharp angle known as a square to Neptune, the planet of spirituality. Today’s not the type of day you can run from your spiritual practice. Nope. Rather than run, lean into it. But let’s be clear, a spiritual practice isn’t exclusive to a meditation cushion, altar, or yoga studio. (Though those are beautiful places to practice!) Simple acts of kindness, living your life aligned with your values, and keeping an open (and compassionate) heart count, too. With the waning quarter moon in Pisces, the facts might not seem apparent, so don’t force clarity where clarity can’t be found. Sit in the discomfort, and turn to your spiritual practice for guidance. Tune into music, art, and your intuition for healing, too.

Thursday, June 7

Following in Mercury’s footsteps, today, the sun squares Neptune, highlighting many of the same lessons from yesterday. While things likely feel murky, the murkiness gives way to a pronounced sense of focus, and understanding. So sit with your confusion. Know that it’s leading you where you need to go. Neptune, the planet of mysticism, offers inspiration and provokes purity, but often it’s through confusion. Allow discomfort.

Friday, June 8

The week ends with an Aries moon. After the waning quarter moon in Pisces and Neptune squaring the sun and Mercury, the fog finally lifts. Look back over the last few days and draw some conclusions. What did you learn? Who are you becoming? Where do you want to go from here? Allow clarity to set in. Then move your body. An Aries moon requires some exercise. Whether a hike, long walks, power yoga class, HIIT, Pilates, barre or weight training, move your body. Doing so increases energy, tenacity, and grit.

Saturday, June 9

Later this month, on June 26, Mars (the planet of action and acquisition) stations retrograde. Mars retrograde lasts for two full months. Knowing this, start to set yourself up for success now. How do you want to organize yourself for the next few months? What do you need to get done? No matter what you do for a living, July and August may feel hard to initiate new professional beginnings. So take time today (or this weekend) to decipher your three most important goals for the next three months. Clarity supports you!

Sunday, June 10

The waning crescent moon in Taurus provides luscious self-care Sunday vibes. After all, Venus-ruled Taurus asks you to settle into your skin and exhale. What type of self-care can you schedule for yourself? Consider nature therapy, or forest bathing. A long walk outside or a day at the beach does your body good. Taurus relates to earth, so spending time doing anything that feels grounding and supportive of your nervous system helps. Bonus points: Hug a tree while barefoot!

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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