That Inner Revolutionary Inside of You? The Stars Are Aligning to Let Her Out

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Rockstar astrologer Jennifer Racioppi is here to give you the celestial weather report, AKA the cosmic conditions affecting everyone, no matter what your sun sign is. Below are her day-by-day predictions (with a wellness twist)—including her best advice for your daily food, fitness, and self-care habits.

Monday, May 21

Today it's important to take time and space to settle into the week during the day. Later tonight (at 11:49 p.m. Eastern), the sun in curious Gemini makes a square to the moon in Virgo, which is also known as the waxing quarter moon. Waxing quarter moons offer a moment to reflect on how things have gone since the last new moon. The most recent new moon occurred last week on Tuesday, May 15, in the sign of Taurus, bringing disruption to the status quo. At the time of the waxing quarter moon, the moon creates a perfect manifestation trine to change-making Uranus (which recently moved into Taurus—a rare configuration that hasn't happened since 1942). Translation: Now's the time to tap into your inner revolutionary. Despite the moon entering into fastidious, rule-abiding Virgo, permit yourself to step out of the box. How can you embrace even more authenticity in your life? How can you innovate and revolutionize where needed?

Tuesday, May 22

Mars, the planet of action and pursuit, is now traveling in Aquarius, a sign that correlates with progressive change. This prompts you to switch up routines, especially when it comes to your workouts. Today Mars aligns with the sun in Gemini, and Chiron in Aries, potentially supporting you to feel upbeat, creative energy, and healing vibes. Need some inspiration? Consider checking out Carrie Underwood's simple workout routine. Want something a bit more risqué? Perhaps pole dancing calls your name. If so, take the lead from FKA Twigs, who’s recovering from surgery to remove fibroids, and get after it. Regardless of how you lean into today's potential, let it be healing. You are emerging into a whole new version of yourself, and it's awesome.

Wednesday, May 23

In the words of life coach and fitness guru Erin Stutland, today’s a day to “Say it. Sweat it. Get it.” With Mercury, the ruler of communication, opposing the good luck titan of the sky, Jupiter, words have power (so use them wisely). Meanwhile, Mars, the ruler of action and acquisition, adds a stroke of good luck to the cosmic forces today, too, with its perfect trine to the sun in Gemini. No matter your fitness level, you can benefit from these aspects. Take a power walk. Do a few jumping jacks and get your mojo going. If you are experiencing or recovering from an illness, don’t underestimate the power of chair yoga either. Mindful movements that sync with body, breath, and intention go a long way. Stay focused and lean into a resilient mindset.

Thursday, May 24

Since the last new moon, when Uranus changed signs (moving from Aries to Taurus), the atmosphere has felt electric (literally and figuratively). Uranus, the planet of revolution, evolution, and disruption, brings massive change and in some cases total upheaval. As a slow-moving outer planet, it has significant, long-term impacts, emphasizing breakthroughs, growth spurts, transformation, and impact on social consciousness and economic trends. That being said, with the waxing gibbous moon now in Libra (the sign of equanimity and balance), take a sigh of relief. Allow this pleasant moon phase to restore and revitalize your nervous system. Since Libra favors beauty, treat yourself to lovely smelling flowers, or maybe even a day at the spa. Want to keep it simple? Try a magnesium-rich Epsom salt bath and a face mask. Let your adrenals take a break. Avoid too much caffeine, loud noises, and commotion (if possible). Settle into stillness.

Friday, May 25

The waxing gibbous Libra moon vibes continue today, encouraging beauty, harmony, and grace. Thankfully Jupiter, the planet of good luck, makes a sweet trine to spirituality-driven Neptune, too! This rare and impressive connection emphasizes intuitive capacities, so follow your inner voice today. What an excellent way to kick off the holiday weekend. Whether you plan to escape town or stay home, know that the cosmos auspiciously support the indulgence of your desires. So let down your hair and have some fun. It’s time! Indulge in music, movies, art, and fashion. Enjoy your relationships. Take time for you.

Saturday, May 26

With the holiday weekend in full roar and the unofficial start to summer commenced, take time today to connect with what you most desire from this next season. With Venus, who rules love and beauty, opposing Saturn, the disciplinarian of the sky, it’s the perfect time to consider what personal values you want to bring to light over the course of the next few months. If summer (or winter, for those in the southern hemisphere) goes as well as it possibly could, what would happen? Get clear on your vision for this next season! Moreover, enjoy yourself.

Sunday, May 27

With a long weekend afoot, let Sunday genuinely feel like a fun day. So much of life is spent working, so please take some time to recuperate and relax. Fun revitalizes your health. Take advantage of the opportunity to disconnect and unplug, too. Maybe even try a digital detox and remove addictive apps from your phone. With technology inundating life 24/7, give your mind (and your eyes) a break. Go for a swim, a bike ride, or a hike, and leave your phone behind. The waxing gibbous moon in Scorpio readies you for the upcoming full moon on Tuesday. In the meantime, enjoy a day of rest and leisure.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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