Why Connecting With Your Inner Virgo Is Essential Right Now (No Matter Your Sign)

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Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff of summer fun, but this year the lazy, hazy days aren't starting just yet, according to astrologer Jennifer Racioppi. In fact, the pace of life is going to speed way up for a while—and here's Racioppi's best advice on how to make the most of these crazy(ish) cosmic conditions.

This week, as the sun continues to move through Gemini while the moon wanes dark, pay close attention to the details: the pesky minutiae that require focus and clarity.

Since Mercury (the planet of communication) zooms through the mutable Gemini (a sign Mercury rules), information travels quickly, asking you to integrate what you know and decide where you are going next. Ready? Set. Go! May wraps up fast, with frenetic energy. You want to ride this week like a surfer catching a big wave, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed by it.

Speaking of Mercury and overwhelm, on May 29 Neptune (the planet of illusion and mystery) forms a mutable T-square with Mercury and Jupiter, putting pressure on you to not only decide, but sort through any looming confusion, too. Mercury will oppose Jupiter, expediting optimism and growth, but with Neptune squaring both Jupiter and Mercury at the same time, this can feel like bewildering perplexity, too. Ugh.

Leaning into Virgo activities supports you to breeze through this week and surf, as opposed to getting swept up in the turbulence and crushed by this cresting wave.

Neptune’s influence might have you feeling overwhelmed and like you want to escape, as opposed to committing to staying present. Even more so, Neptune’s dual square to both Mercury and Jupiter could mean that a well-intended after-work glass of wine might snowball quickly, setting you up for a decent hangover—so please do be mindful with drinking this week. Things could get out of hand, fast.

The release point to Neptune’s mutable T-square to Mercury and Jupiter is in the sign Virgo. What does that mean? Leaning into Virgo activities supports you to breeze through this week and surf, as opposed to getting swept up in the turbulence and crushed by this cresting wave. Virgo activities include paying attention to the details of life, taking care of your health (especially your digestive health), staying grounded and detail-oriented with a focus on being of service to others. I cannot emphasize enough how vital staying consistent with your spiritual practices this week is too, especially meditation and healing rituals that help you access your intuition.

Looking for love? Venus has your back

Aside from the hectic pace stemming from Mercury moving fast through Gemini while squaring Neptune and opposing Jupiter, Venus (the planet of love and beauty) traveling in its home domain, Taurus, makes some powerful and positive angles. Yes! Venus, in an applying trine to Saturn, Pluto, and the south node all week, also sextiles Neptune. In English? Venus elicits depth, beauty, and power, asking you to stand strong in yourself. Its influence elicits positivity and feel-good vibes. It also beckons you to pay attention to your dreams, both literally (night activity might bring answers) and metaphorically.

Venus’ activity ushers in high vibes, helping you tap into the power of love. If you are single and looking, Venus works on your behalf this week, helping you to source and undeniably stand in your power. Venus’ luscious trine to Pluto perfects on Sunday, June 2, one day before the new moon in Gemini. Pluto represents unbridled power, and to build off of themes from earlier this month; this configuration helps you tap into your sexual prowess.

The lunar forecast is all about letting go

Finally, with the moon in its disseminating phase this week (it is waning back to new again), consider what you need to release—aka those things that stand in the way of what you want to accomplish. Consciously surrender what no longer works, and wrap up whatever you can. This is an excellent week to bring things to a conclusion. Trust your instincts.

With massive energy brewing, if you need time alone, please take it. This week can feel overwhelming at times, and creating space for yourself helps you substantially. Don't be afraid to put yourself first and ask for exactly what you need.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 


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