This Is Definitely the Week to Get Some Extra Chill Time, Astrologically Speaking—Here’s Why

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So, between the new moon and a rare configuration (which we haven't seen since 1942) this week, the celestial conditions may have everyone feeling worn-out, no matter what your sun sign is. Rockstar astrologer Jennifer Racioppi is here to help you through it, with her weekly astrological predictions—with a wellness twist. 

Monday, May 14

The work week begins with the moon in its waning balsamic phase—the final moments of the entire lunar cycle. With the new moon happening tomorrow at 7:47 a.m. Eastern, take this opportunity to reflect back on what has come to pass over the last month. What have you learned since the previous new moon in Aries on April 15? What has happened? What hasn’t? If you set new moon intentions, revisit goals set then and evaluate. Consider how you want to get reorganized for this next new moon. New to new moon intentions altogether? The commencement of a lunar cycle starts with a sun-moon conjunction, providing a potent moment to make a wish for the month ahead. As you reconcile and release the past in preparation for your future, consider taking a ceremonial bath using Epsom salt, essential oils, and crystals too. Allow yourself to soak away your stress. Then massage your body with oils or high-quality lotions, as you prepare a for a solid night of rest.


Tuesday, May 15

A monumental new moon happens today at 7:47 a.m. Eastern in the sign of Taurus, inviting you to embody your truth. With Mars and Pluto in Capricorn auspiciously aligning with this 24 degree Taurus new moon, cosmic potential abounds. Write our your goals/vision for the lunar cycle, and feel your intended outcome as already actualized in your body. Then get ready. Uranus the planet of revolution, evolution, and change enters into grounded, fixed-earth Taurus for the first time since 1942 today, too, just a few hours after the new moon. Since this seismic astrological transit may rattle life’s foundation, so work on feeling rooted and grounded. Consider practicing foundational yoga asanas like mountain pose; preferably barefoot on grass (to receive the benefits of earthing, too). Or skip the asana practice altogether and practice yoga nidra instead. Yoga nidra consists of one long savasana. Trust me, while this restorative practice may lack an exertion of strength, it's incredibly fortifying and worthy of your time.


Wednesday, May 16

With the new lunar cycle commenced and the waxing crescent moon emerging, now’s the time to crystallize your vision. However, given that yesterday's new moon coincided with an extremely rare transit, humpday might feel a bit rocky. With Uranus exiting Aries and entering Taurus, disruption stimulates change. Especially as Mars, leaves Capricorn and enters into Aquarius too. Mars, who rules ambition, drive and determination makes a sharp 90-degree angle to Uranus, known as a square. This planetary clash releases intense energy that might require a resolution. Channel this positively, and you will find it’s a stepping stone productively serving your evolution. However, warning, this might not feel great at the onset. Remember, resilience means facing life, precisely as is, and being able to thrive anyway.


Thursday, May 17

Emphasize the positive today by looking at what’s going right in your life. Take out your journal and make a few lists; what are you most proud of, what can you celebrate, and what’s going well for you? With Neptune, the planet of dreams in an applying trine to good luck Jupiter, focusing on the positive goes a long way. Want to take it even further? Commit to writing a letter of gratitude to someone who has touched your heart and impacted your life, and put it in the mail. Writing heartfelt thanks, a scientifically proven way to increase subjective well-being (happiness) not only supports you, but it also celebrates the person receiving the note of thanks too. Remember, fitness isn’t necessarily only about patterns of consumption and exercise. Mindset, gratitude, and relationships play a tremendous role in your well-being also. Create space for thanks and impact another by sharing how they’ve influenced you positively.


Friday, May 18

Mercury, the planet of communication, travels in the early degrees of Taurus and while doing so, forms a beam of support with retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, making today ripe with the ability to move mountains without a wasted drop of sweat. Fabulous. Continue on the path of aligning your mind with your intended outcome. Now that the moon is traveling through sensitive cancer, she’s in an ideal place to amplify your vision (especially given that Mercury trines Saturn while the moon opposes Saturn too.) So spend time visualizing your intended outcomes. Ask yourself this; if everything goes as well as it possibly could, what would life look like? You may even want to give yourself 20 minutes to journal a response to this question. When it comes to your workout, check in and see what you need. With this game-changing week wrapping up, ask yourself what will serve you now. Resist the urge to blow off your workout altogether, yet stay mindful that you may need to deviate from your routine. Let your intuition guide you.


Saturday, May 19

After traveling in Gemini since April 24th, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, now enters Cancer. Venus travels in the sign of the archetypal mother highlighting empathy, compassion, and sensuality until, June 13th (the next new moon in Gemini). Given that Cancer is a water sign, you may find being in nature by bodies of water healing over the next few weeks. So plan a trip to hike to a waterfall. Get outside by a lake or an ocean. Spend time on or near water (if possible). Maybe even try a Stand Up Paddle Board yoga class, or contemplate adventure kayaking. Remember, being in nature heals. Venus, (who correlates directly with the goddess Aphrodite) asks you to settle into your skin. So even if you can’t find yourself outside near water (or don’t live in a climate applicable to this activity) drinking clean, purified water, does you well now also. Make sure your filters are up to date and drink up!


Sunday, May 20

The sun exits Taurus today entering into mutable-air, quick-witted, Gemini. A versatile sign, with a hallmark trait being curiosity, Gemini season expedites socialization. So, say yes to that invitation to the barbecue and start making those beach plans. With the unofficial start to the summer, Memorial Day, just one week away in the States, now’s the time to start to plan alfresco, rose sipping, dinners with those you love. Yet, before emerging into the height of summer fun, take a look back too. Loving Venus in the sign of emotional Cancer makes a hash square to Chiron today, encouraging healing. Give yourself a moment this Sunday to tenderly care for you. Then set an intention for what you want this next season to be. Regardless of the hemisphere, you call home, the sun in Gemini prepares you supports socialization. Take a moment this Sunday to look back on the year, thus far, and ask yourself (again) what do I need right now to feel grounded, centered, and ready for this next chapter. Stay conscious and self-aware.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 

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