The New Moon and Winter Solstice Are Both Happening This Week—Here’s What You Need to Know

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For the week of December 18–24 astrologer Jennifer Racioppi is here to offer day-by-day celestial advice—with a wellness twist. Here's what the stars have in store for everyone (no matter what your sun sign is), when it comes to food, fitness, sleep, sex, and more. 

Monday, December 18

Ready to make your New Year resolutions? Early in the morning (or late last night, depending on your time zone) the sun and moon created their monthly new moon alignment igniting a fresh cycle of potentiality in the sign of Sagittarius. Another way to say this? Today is not your average Monday. With the sun and moon snuggling up to one another at 26 degrees of Sagittarius on what’s known to astrologers as the Galactic Center (a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy)—and with Venus, Mercury (who’s still retrograde), and Saturn wrapping up travels in adventure-driven Sagittarius—now’s the time to conjure your heart’s desires. What you do matters today, so make it count! Honor your intentions and desire for growth with a new moon ritual.

Tuesday, December 19

The cosmic, game-changing, vibes continue today as the disciplinarian of the sky, Saturn, exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. As if the new moon yesterday wasn’t enough?! Today the universe throws down another galactic shift, and this one is major. While traveling through Capricorn until 2020, Saturn, the great taskmaster, will ask you to get super serious about building your dream life, especially when it comes to your career—and 2018 will put pressure on you to actualize what you say you want (or let it go, entirely). Since hard-working, all-business-no-play, Saturn takes 29 years to circle the sun, he hasn’t been at zero degrees of Capricorn since 1988. So if things feel shaky today, take time to check in on a soul level via journaling and meditation. Give yourself time to acclimate to this new beginning.

Wednesday, December 20

The cosmic dance continues as Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty, makes an awkward angle to Chiron, the wounded healer—AKA, ouch. If your core wound gets triggered, give yourself some time (and space) to step back and take care of you. Feel your emotions without becoming your emotions, and stay positive. Venus also makes a luscious connection with Uranus, the planet of revolution and change. So your breakdown might just be your breakthrough. Stay focused on the outcome you most desire, not your deepest fear. Trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it should.

Thursday, December 21

Happy Solstice. With the longest night of the year upon us (for those in the northern hemisphere, anyway), now’s the time to connect with your most profound sense of spirituality. Today the sun conjoins Saturn, the lord of karma, at zero degrees of Capricorn, making things feel heavy. However, I encourage you to conjure the light within. Focus on mindfulness, presence, and intention. Practice long, slow, and steady yoga poses. If yoga isn’t your jam, try transformational breathwork. Set an altar, light a candle, and say a prayer. It’s time to honor the dark and settle into the rhythm of winter. If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder, don’t forget to order a lightbox, or use the one you have. Experimenting with essential oils, particularly citrus blends, keeps things buoyant too.

Friday, December 22

Rejoice. Mercury, the planet that rules communication, stations direct today, ending its retrograde cycle. Since December 3, this tiny but mighty planet traveled in an awkward part of his elliptical pattern, creating the illusion that he moved backward. Famously known as a trickster, Mercury in retrograde can wreak havoc on your plans, technology, and best intentions when it comes to your relationships. This particular Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius asked you to review actions taken over the last three years while Saturn traversed Sagittarius. From late 2014 until now, you've been charged with the task to get real about who you are. What have you learned? Journal your gratitude, savor the good, and digest the lessons. Look back, what has become crystal-clear to you? Own it.

Saturday, December 23

With the holiday season in full roar, take time to nourish your relationships. Spend time with those you love appreciating art, music, and movies. May time expand so you can appreciate the beauty you spent the last year of your life cultivating. This week packed a massive punch, and it's so important to integrate the lessons, downloads, and shifts occurring in your life (and body). Continue to track how you feel—post-new moon, Saturn changing signs, and Mercury stationing direct.

Sunday, December 24

High-performance lifestyles require free time, downtime, and recovery. With the moon traveling in sensitive Pisces for another day, turn up the volume on the tunes and dance your way into Sunday. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, honor the sacred and the holy, spend time with those you love, especially the children in your life. Allow the weekend to nurture and nourish you. Have fun, and simultaneously, honor limits and avoid recklessness.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women's health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success.

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