Not the Greatest Plant Parent? This Subscription Service Just Launched ‘Plant Insurance’ Plans

Photo: Stocksy / Lumina
For many of us, keeping our plants alive is easier said than done. No matter how much water and love we give your plants, they always seem to end up brown and droopy, making us wonder why we even tried in the first place. We want to deck out our living rooms with a fabulous fiddle-leaf fig and a stunning monstera—but dropping major money on something that might die on us often doesn't seem worth it.

If you weren't blessed with a green thumb, don't worry—you can get in on the houseplant game, too. Horti, the plant subscription service, just launched two insurance plans for passionate plant parents who might need extra guidance and protection. Yep, you read that right—houseplant insurance. Considering how daunting it can be to start gardening—not to mention how devastating it can be to lose your fave flower—Horti's insurance plans are designed to support customers cultivate long, healthy relationships with their houseplants.

Led by Horti’s in-house plant doctor and scientist, Horti’s insurance plans give subscribers access to the brand's network of gardening experts, who know how to bring even the saddest of sapling back to life.

Instead of feeling nervous when bringing a new houseplant home or helpless when leaves start to brown, we want people to feel confident and hopeful as they begin to understand their nature for nurture,” said Puneet Sabharwal, CEO and founder of Horti. "We believe that indoor plants are the opposite of throw-away culture—they’re long-term relationships. These plans are designed to help our community feel confident to foster those connections for years to come.”

As for the plans themselves, both are designed to provide temporary support, mainly for new plant parents who are warming up to the whole "keeping something else alive" thing. The first is is the Plant Reassurance Plan, which starts at $5 per month and provides personalized advice from Horti's plant soctor on any plant or flower you own—not just those from Horti. With the click of a photo, you'll receive a diagnosis and set of instructions to bring your green beauty back to life.

The best plants for every room in your house:

You can enroll in the Plant Resurrection Plan for $10 per month, which includes personalized treatment from the plant doctor and the promise of a plant replacements if revival efforts don't go as planned—they just have to be purchased from Horti.

No need to worry about killing a houseplant again. With Horti, you can sleep well at night knowing your plants are healthy and happy. And when they're not, just give your friendly neighborhood plant doctor a ring.

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