How To Create the Ultimate Breezy Bedroom—Because Being a Hot Sleeper Is the Worst

Summer's got a lot of signature scenarios: Sipping lemonade by the pool, slathering on SPF, and trying to remember that a "school's out" mentality doesn't apply after you're no longer in school, to name a few.

One summer scenario that might be the most relatable of all? Struggling to sleep at night because it's So. Dang. Hot. While any card-carrying member of the Hot Sleepers club knows it's anything but a season-specific problem, finding ways to cool down is especially important when cracking a window will only increase the temp.

So, besides giving up and moving to a colder climate (or sending your AC bill through the roof), are there any solutions that actually work for a hot sleeper? Answer: Yes, and they're a whole lot less dramatic than relocating your life for the sake of cooler nights.

It's all about turning your bedroom into a chill—in both meanings of the word—zone by stocking up on a few essentials from Brentwood Home. Responsibly made with high-quality materials, the mattresses, pillows, bedding, and more make the perfect starter kit for any hot sleeper—or really any type of sleeper looking for an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable bedroom setup. Cooler nights are officially in sight.

Consider yourself a hot sleeper? Follow the step-by-step for cooling down your sleep setup.

hot sleeper

1. Choose the right mattress

If you're thinking more about what's on top of your bed rather than about the bed itself, you're overlooking a bedroom staple with some major cool-you-down potential. Take the Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress for example.

Made in California (so you know it's got warm-weather cred), the mattress uses organic, natural materials like two layers of organic certified wool, which wicks away moisture, allows for air circulation, and regulates temperature—making it primed to support your sleep all year long.

A layer of computer-cut latex leads to less heat being trapped inside the mattress, while also providing Goldilocks-level comfort for back and stomach sleepers alike. Extra credit: Pair your new bed with the Easy Foundation, which delivers the exact amount of both support and air flow to any Brentwood Home mattress.

2. Top it with high-quality bedding

Next up in a breezy, beautiful bedroom setup? The bedding, of course. Start with a Crystal Cove Activated Charcoal Pillow, which is naturally cooling thanks to plush, activated charcoal-infused memory foam.

Next just add a set of Luxury Organic Cotton Sheets to tie the bed together. Made from responsibly and sustainably grown organic cotton, the sheets effortlessly wick away moisture and keep air flowing at night—plus they feel super luxurious, get softer with every wash, and come in four comforting shades to match any tranquil bedroom aesthetic.

hot sleeper

3. Add in a few extras

Once you've got your bed upgraded, you can start incorporating a few other cool-down essentials. Maybe that's a chic air purifier, a literal fan, or a wicker basket and lots of greenery.

While the plants and peaceful decor elements may not physically cool you down, they can help you stay calm. And as anyone who's spent many a night staring down the thermostat willing it to drop a few degrees knows, that's half the battle.

New summer scenario: You hop in your newly breezy bed, calmly drift off to sleep, and don't have to stick your leg out of the covers halfway through the night. Sweet (cool) dreams are coming your way.

Photos: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

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