15 Hotel Pools With Truly Epic Views—Caution, Pics May Cause FOMO

Photo: Kirini My Mykonos Retreat
For some, living your best life on vacation may mean mountain climbs, deep-sea dives, or free falls from 15,000 feet. While others may want to spend time off working on their fitness or engaging in spiritual practices.

No matter your inclination, however, the allure of a glistening pool is hard to deny—particularly one offering unforgettable views. Plus, they're the perfect place to unplug and practice your digital detoxing skills because, you know, water.

Whether you're looking to book your next trip—or your eye just needs to travel, here are 15 hotel pools with truly epic views you have to see to believe.

Pools aren't the only way to work water into your next trip. Try a night at this underwater hotel suite in the Maldives. Or, feel the waves beneath your feet at one of these five floating hotels instead.

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