11 Dreamy Hotels That Are Making Sleep a Priority

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Sleep is foundational for optimal health, and that need for quality zzzs doesn’t just magically take a hiatus while traveling. It’s essential to continue good snoozing habits on vacation—a point hotels are, thankfully, waking up to. Of late, a wave of properties have opened integrating sleep-enhancing amenities—ranging from high-tech mattresses to snooze-inducing spa rituals to curated programming with an emphasis on helping you obtain better sleep, both while you’re OOO and once you’re back home.

No matter the approach, the goal is to give guests the tools to slow down and establish lasting positive sleep habits, explains Emmanuel Arroyo, regional director of spa and wellness for North America, Caribbean, and Europe at Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, which now offers guests an experience called the Alchemy of Sleep. “Taking a holistic approach, we address a variety of pillars that require attention—nutrition, movement, and mindfulness—and present a mix of treatments, experiences, consultations, and classes that ensure each individual leaves with skills for daily life,” Arroyo says.

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  • Anna Bjurstam, Anna Bjurstam is a Wellness Pioneer at Six Senses Spas and Wellness
  • Emmanuel Arroyo, Emmanuel Arroyo is the Regional Director of Spa & Wellness for North America, Caribbean, and Europe at Rosewood Hotels & Resorts.
  • Matt Turner, Matt Turner is a Resort Manager at Cavallo Point Lodge.

The timing of this new trend couldn’t be more perfect, since, as Anna Bjurstam, wellness pioneer at Six Senses Spas and Wellness, which has locations around the globe, puts it: “We have a sleep epidemic in our world.” Their approach to the issue is divided into three parts, she explains. “We work with sleep experts to build hotel rooms that scientifically have the best possible sleep infrastructure—this means anything from materials, lighting, airflow, and temperature to the mattress, bedding, and pillows,” Bjurstam says. “Next, our robust, in-room sleep program has things like white noise machines and nose strips. Finally, as part of the advanced sleep program, we’re able to measure sleep biomarkers and personalize a special sleep program for guests that includes treatments, expert advice, personal coaching, breathing exercises, movement, and nutrition.”

Meanwhile, Cavallo Point in Suasalito, California, another hotel with a sleep program you don’t want to, well, sleep on, is really focused addressing sleep disruptions that can happen when traveling and switching time zones. “We’ve created a sleep ritual that starts off with a relaxing bath and ends with a next-generation smart bed that gently rocks you to sleep,” says Matt Turner, resort manager at Cavallo Point. “With the everyday pressures of life and a long (or even short) day of travel that can be stressful in and of itself, we’re looking to provide guests with a more restful experience on property.”

Their approaches may differ, but the one thing all these hotels with sleep programs have in common is that their aim is the same—to give weary travelers the tools to reset, recover, and kick jet lag to the curb—in a sanctuary-like setting, no less. And they’re far from alone.

Below are 11 hotels that make sleep a major priority.

1. Equinox Hotel New York (New York City, New York)

Because sleep and health are inextricably linked it should come as no surprise that the wellness-focused urban oasis Equinox Hotel New York would implement a proprietary, science-backed approach that’s effective and aesthetically pleasing. Dark, quiet, and cool—the trifecta of factors that have the greatest effect on slumber, according to the brand’s advisory board of sleep experts—are the guiding principles for each room. Beds are layered with temperature-regulating natural fibers, the thermostat goes to 68 degrees Fahrenheit with the press of a button, the blackout feature blocks all external light, and the bar is stocked with magnesium-based sleep drops and binchotan charcoal eye masks to reduce the appearance of puffiness.

2. Six Senses Ibiza (Ibiza, Spain)

Ibiza is way more than Spain’s party capital. And guests at the Six Senses Ibiza get to experience the more mellow, sustainable wellness-driven side of this Mediterranean paradise firsthand. The first BREEAM-certified (a sustainability recognition) resort in the Balearics prioritizes both the mind and body aspects of slumber through curated sleep wellness programs. Available year-round for 3-, 5-, or 7-night durations, the dedicated retreat-style stays combine personalized wellness screenings and advice with purposeful activities such as yoga, meditation, cryotherapy, and therapeutic head-to-toe dreamcatcher massages that end with acupressure. Curious about your winks? Get intel about snoozing patterns through a bedside sleep tracker.

3. Cavallo Point (Sausalito, California)

Across the bay from bustling San Francisco sits Cavallo Point, a picturesque and peaceful Sausalito lodge surrounded by national parkland with unobstructed views of the Golden Gate Bridge and a mission to help guests get better shut-eye. Travelers can pre-book one of the four accommodations equipped with the revolutionary Bryte Restorative Beds known for their optimal temperature and pressure point release. Additional in-room perks include an aromatherapy diffuser to set the tone for snoozing, bath salts, organic nighttime tea, an eye mask, and Google Home with “Good Night Google” feature intended to help guests drift off to dreamland with the sounds of nature.

4. Rosewood Little Dix Bay (Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands)

A Caribbean vacation at a secluded luxury resort surrounded by natural beauty has relaxation written all over it. Rosewood Little Dix Bay doesn’t just rest on its laurels, though, it’s one of the handful of heavenly Rosewood outposts that offers Alchemy of Sleep, a dedicated program aimed at resetting and reinforcing positive snoozing habits through treatments, gentle movement, nutritious cuisine, and special turndown amenities. At this plush and peaceful property that means sleep-supporting aromatherapy massages, Acu Doze (acupuncture) sessions, yoga nidra meditation under the stars, and serotonin-boosting morning hikes over the course of two utterly blissful days and nights.

5. Four Seasons Hotel St Louis (St Louis, Missouri)

Naps are wasted on the young. Then you grow up and the idea of a siesta sounds like an actual fantasy. But that’s the reality at the Four Seasons Hotel St Louis where the Deep Sleep Restorative Massage integrates long, firm, tension-releasing strokes with the calming aromas of lavender and chamomile. It concludes with a 20-minute nap under a weighted blanket as delta wave-stimulating melodies play in the background. Guests walk, err, float, away with a pillow mist and eucalyptus salt soak to continue the zen experience in their rooms, which boast soothing hues, blackout curtains, soundproof windows, a signature Four Seasons mattresses featuring AirCool technology, and crisp linens.

6. Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa (Champillon, France)

If you have champagne wishes and caviar dreams that involve lots of REM cycles, we’d highly suggest booking the Royal Sleep Experience at Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa. This sleep-enhancing package provides overtired travelers with a plethora of services and amenities that guarantee a good night's rest, from relaxing candle massages to a special menu at the on-site restaurant and a “Sleeping Beauty” mocktail as a nightcap. Suites are stocked with soothing essential oil spray, melatonin drops, satin eye masks, and luxe bedding. And, each evening, the staff does a special turndown service with sleep mist and homemade herbal tea to set the mood for restful zzzs.

7. Silversands Grenada (St George's, Grenada)

Some people count sheep, we prefer to count palm trees. Share our sentiments? It’s probably time to check into Silversands Grenada. Curated by the resort’s wellness director, its holistic sleep program incorporates a healthy meal, mindful movement such as Pilates or light stretching, and a multi-service relaxation journey. For guests who opt-in for the full-day package, the spa portion might look like an Ayurvedic scalp treatment, a traditional Indian warm oil massage, and reflexology all done in a bed of warm quartz sand.

8. Banyan Tree Veya Phuket (Phuket, Thailand)

While some travelers go to Phuket to party, others see a getaway to Thailand’s biggest island as an opportunity for self-care and more purposeless wellness. And those people are probably staying at Banyan Tree Veya Phuket. Furnished with cloud-like mattresses, organic cotton bed linens, and black-out curtains, the dreamy villas are specifically designed to be the perfect spot for snoozing. Jet-lagged guests can also participate in calming activities such as pre-bedtime meditation, crafting a signature aromatherapy spray to encourage deep rest, massages that both fight fatigue and induce a deep sense of tranquility, and even sleep workshops to learn how to incorporate restful practices back home.

9. Fairmont Century Plaza (Los Angeles, California)

The recently opened Fairmont Century Plaza proves that it’s possible to find peace and pampering even in a big, buzzing city like Los Angeles. Treatments target sleep at a cellular level through a combination of infrared technology, compression therapy, and healing sound waves—and all of this takes place on an anti-gravity bed. After experiencing a state-of-the-art sedative session, spa-goers are encouraged to use the space’s other facilities, including the Himalayan salt room, hammam, and sauna. We recommend purchasing a CBD bath bomb before retiring upstairs to your room for a soak in the oversized tub, then draw black-out curtains and nod off on a plush pillow top mattress.

10. Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa (Rancho Santa Fe, California)

Care about both the quantity and quality of your winks? Reserve one of the dedicated sleep suites at Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa in north San Diego. Each sleep sanctuary is stocked with everything necessary to put your mind and body at a state of ease to doze until daylight. Next-generation Bryte beds come with adjustable firmness and temperature configuration. Private meditation sessions, mineral bath salts, lavender essential oil, and turndown service with caffeine-free herbal tea are a few of the relaxing extras. Wake well-rested and ready to see stats confirming that you made the right choice for your sleep cycle and circadian rhythm.

11. Rosewood Miramar Beach (Montecito, CA)

Following the success of its Alchemy of Sleep program, which ended in June, Rosewood Miramar Beach opted to retain some of its in-room amenities, spa treatments, and experiences so guests could continue prioritizing rest. At the resort's Sense spa, guests can opt for a CBD-oil-infused massage that's aimed specifically to reduce inflammation, stress, and fatigue, all of which can contribute to better rest and—you guessed it—sleep. And to boost R & R after a day soaking up the airy beach vibes of the property's idyllic location on Montecito's coastline, Bryte Sleep Suites, complete with an AI-enabled bed that helps ensure an A-plus slumber, will also be available through the end of the year.

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