The Surprising Way Cannabis Affects Your Productivity

Photo: Stocksy/Milles Studio
The stereotype of cannabis users being stoner slackers whose only motivation is to eat a whole bag of Doritos is quickly becoming as outdated as a landline. Not only is the billion-dollar "green rush" part of a bigger feminist movement, new research shows that it's linked to being more productive at work. (Seriously.)

BD Analytics recently released a survey comparing income levels, professional accomplishments, and overall happiness for people who use cannabis and people who don't. The survey was limited to California and Colorado, where weed is, you know, pretty easy to come by, but the results are indicative of what is likely happening across the country as more states legalize the drug.

The average income for cannabis users is $93,800 compared to $75,900 for those who reject it completely.

According to the survey, the average income for marijuana users in California is $93,800 compared to $72,800 for those who don't currently use it but might, and $75,900 for those who reject it completely. Also, when it came to the percentage of people who held a master's degree, once again cannabis users came out on top. (Not that surprising, since your "brain on drugs"—at least the cannabis kind—actually functions better.)

And if you're wondering about your co-workers who are not teetering on the edge of burnout like everyone else? Check their extracurriculars. It turns out, weed users are happier at work, too (with 64 percent reporting that they like their job, versus 54 percent for those who never indulge).

Hey, if it can improve your work life—as well as everything from intimacy with your S.O. to your running game—it's no wonder the drug is dominating the wellness world right now. (And bonus: You don't have to actually get high to get the benefits.)

Another potential use: as a PMS cure. And here's why you might want to work cannabis into your next detox—seriously.

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