How to Get Glowing Skin Like a Celeb—With Supplements

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It wasn't so long ago that the mention of supplements would conjure images of weight lifters and muscle men. But it's 2017, and supplements are some of the most versatile items in your #shelfie, doing everything from improving your ability to multitask to helping you avoid that awkward burping bout.

As your one Moon Juice-obsessed friend is probably always telling you, beauty and skin care are about working from the inside out. You can start to get dewy skin using probiotics and enzymes, then take things a step further with supplements. And certain celebrities who are known for having pristine skin are already hip to supplements being an important part of a beauty routine (of course).

Which celebs are all over the supplement-boosted beauty trend? Keep reading for the inside-out intel.

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Jennifer Aniston

The superstar didn't just inspire thousands of women to get "The Rachel" in the '90s—she's got incredible skin we all wish we could have. What's the secret to her glow? Drinkable collagen. Since taking a collagen peptide, Aniston said she has "been seeing a difference! My nails are stronger and there's a healthier…how do you explain it? A glow."

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Veronica Webb

The supermodel's flawless complexion comes from some next-level supplements and awareness. She takes a TA-65 supplement to target telomeres, which keep chromosomes from deteriorating. (Telomeres are basically a protective casing at the end of a strand of DNA, kind of like the little cap at the end of a shoelace.) Webb describes them as "sort of like a sweater that starts to tear apart the older it gets," and she credits the supplement with helping to keep her favorite "sweater"—AKA her body—in pristine condition.

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Miranda Kerr

The model and beauty entrepreneur is seriously devoted to the transformative properties of something found in her native Australia: noni juice. She's been sipping it since she was 13 and it's the star ingredient of her Kora Organics line of beauty products. "It's honestly been the key to my health and the reason my skin looks the way it does," Kerr says. Noni fruit is hard to find in its raw state, but you can pick some up at Sephora in powder form.

Other celebrity skin-care must-haves: this $175 skin cream that stars are obsessed with and, of course, the universally useful coconut oil.

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