How Flight Attendants Combat Jet Lag

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Photo: Sofia Sforza via Unsplash
You've gone ahead and taken our advice to travel and see the world as much as possible this year (not that you needed much convincing). After all, the 2016 summer season is said to deliver some of the cheapest airfare seen for nearly seven years. (As if you needed more reason to hit the road, right?) Despite all of the goodness associated with travel, there's one unavoidable aspect that gets even the savviest traveler down: jet lag. To help you overcome this pesky side effect, The Huffington Post enlisted the help of people who arguably know best how to beat jet lag: flight attendants! Read on for their great advice.

Drink up.

Hydrating is key to feeling healthy when you step off the plane (and no, alcohol and coffee do not count). In fact, the experts suggest you steer clear of caffeine after 3 p.m. Instead, opt for plenty of water to give your body a fighting chance of feeling fresh when you arrive at your destination.

Take a nap.

"If you're tired, just sleep," one of the flight attendants told The Huffington Post—a credo we can get behind. To ensure you're not awake and looking for dinner around 4 a.m., sneak in a nap right when you arrive, but do your best to keep it short.

Don't forget to eat.

If you go to bed hungry, your body may rudely wake you up at an awkward time. To ensure you get a good night's sleep when it counts, eat all of the appropriate meals, even if you're all turned around as to what meal you're supposed to be having.

Be realistic about flights.

Some of us have mastered the infamous red-eye flight; some of us fidget all the way through the night. Don't get down on yourself, but do be realistic about what works best for you. Though it can be temptingly convenient to fly overnight and arrive at your destination first thing in the morning, you won't reap any of the benefits of that timing if you're in full-on zombie mode because you haven't slept.

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