3 Ways Google Is Making You Healthier

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A few years ago, you might have felt silly talking to Siri like she's your crazy knowledgeable best friend. But the launch of other assistant tools like Amazon Echo and Google Home have made talking to tech, well, pretty normal. And it's about to be even more common with Google Assistant being rolled out on iPhone this week. (Because how many people do you really know with a Pixel?)

If you haven't heard of Google Assistant, it's a search engine you can activate by typing or talking. So yes, it works similarly to Siri, but it can also be incorporated into your text messages too, answering questions like where the closest juice bars near your yoga studio are so everyone on a group chat can decide where to go together.

But there are some cool ways the new features on Google Assistant and Google Home can benefit your wellness routine, too. (AKA they're not just for settling arguments about song lyrics.)

Scroll down to see 3 ways Google can help you get healthier.

Google Home
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It will read you healthy recipes

Both Google Home and Google Assistant can call up recipes from your favorite healthy sites. (Ahem.) Sure, you could search on your phone, typing exactly you're looking for into the search engine, but anyone who's ever used tech in the kitchen knows there's essentially a 100 percent chance of getting your screen covered in food. Now, not only can you talk it out while you've got your hands full—doing some high-level blender tricks, or just spiralizing away, for instance—the assistant can shout out different measurements, and even pull up videos on how to do something tricky, like cut an avocado.

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It acts as your personal coach

YouTube has long been a resource for at-home workouts, but now, Google Home has a new partnership with Fitstar, which can guide you through an entire workout, whenever you ask it to. Want it to coach you through an ab workout? Done. Activate a timer while you do a HIIT workout? Easy. It also can call up videos on your phone or TV if you need a visual. 

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It can guide you through a meditation

Whether you like to do it in the morning or at night, with Google Home, all you need to do is ask it to pull up a meditation, and voila. No need to get your phone out (you know that messes with your sleep), or even get out of bed to turn the lights on or off. Maybe now, you'll finally be able to make it a habit!

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